What to do if you are over-indebted?

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It is not uncommon to have debts – and nothing bad in itself. It becomes difficult when loans can no longer be repaid and unpaid bills pile up. Then there is an urgent need for action. See adidastennishu.com for an observation

Financing your own property, washing machine in installments – many consumers have debts. The majority of such loans are repaid on time. It is different with overindebtedness: there is no clear definition. In general, however, it means that a private person can no longer make a living. Once the person is no longer able to pay the rent or the energy, further debts are quickly added.


Being over-indebted does not mean being immediately to blame

Being over-indebted does not mean being immediately to blame

A common belief is that over-indebted people are to blame for the misery. Overindebtedness is often caused by emergencies caused by job loss or a serious illness. Changing living conditions, such as divorce, can also make it impossible to meet your payment obligations.


What can you do if you are over-indebted?

What can you do if you are over-indebted?

When the debt has grown over your head, you have to act. In such a situation, dreaming of a big lottery win or an unexpected inheritance only makes things worse. Because now there are further interest claims and maybe even high reminder fees. The following steps can help you get out of the vicious cycle:

  • Get in touch with a non-profit debt counseling service. There, all expenses are compared with the income and savings options are discussed. A list of all debts and creditors is also made there in order to obtain an overview of the finances. Goals are a strategy that prevents more debt from accumulating and a plan to pay off the debt.
  • Don’t get additional credit record-free loans.
  • Talk to us. Together we are looking for a way out of the crisis.
  • If all of the previous steps have been unsuccessful, bankruptcy proceedings may be an option. After a maximum of six years, the debt-free status could then be reached.


How to prevent over-indebtedness

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Don’t let yourself be carried away by spontaneous purchases, especially not on pump. Always check whether you really need the product or service and whether you are able to pay the installments over the entire term. Always read the fine print before putting your signature on new contracts and loans.

Compare your monthly income and expenses. With money and household, the advisory service of the savings banks, you get free planning aids, both in print and as an electronic solution for PC or smartphone. Using them, you can more easily see whether and where you should change your consumer behavior.