Users post scheduled photos for notifications

For years, social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have encouraged users to carefully craft and curate idyllic personal brands.

Walk in: Be real, the app whose mission matches its title. The app’s strict settings limit users to being as authentic as possible. Open the app and you won’t find filtered photos or carefully curated feeds, but rather selfies of people right now.

Although BeReal debuted in 2020, interest in it has increased recently. According Apptopiaits monthly active users have grown to 315% this year.

The app’s popularity may be a result of unique social media pressures.

Influencers and brands who have mastered the art of creating compelling content and satisfying the requirements of the algorithm have managed to capitalize on the rewards of the creator economy. Despite all its benefits, however, social media use has been proven to harm self-esteem and mental health. Putting on a show to garner clicks and maintain an audience, many are working overtime to conceal and photoshop their true everyday lives.

TikTok, another app that has recently exploded in popularity, also tends to encourage a more laid-back appearance among users, but videos are often a lot of work, especially compared to BeReal’s straightforward format.

BeReal could be an antidote – or just another app to follow. Below, we answer your questions about the app and explain how it works.

What is BeReal?

BeReal is a French social media application launched by GoPro former Alexis Barreyat in 2020.

The intention of the app is to create candid photos and authentic content.

Part of the app’s appeal is its transience. There is no option to scroll through feeds endlessly, like with Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Additionally, BeReal posts aren’t saved to a person’s profile, which means you can’t analyze months of past content.

Apptopia notes that, like Wordle, BeReal brings the idea of ​​finitude back to the Internet. Once it’s gone, you can’t get it back.

BeReal works by sending notifications to post photos – but the weather is unpredictable

Unlike other social media apps that allow users to share and receive an unlimited amount of content per day, BeReal is restrictive in its approach.

The app limits users to a post per day (yes, one). Additionally, users can only post when the app prompts you to post, which varies daily.

To know when it’s time to “be real”, keep an eye on the lock screen. BeReal sends users a prompt once a day, letting them know that their two-minute posting window has begun. From there, the countdown begins.

The unpredictability of messages often generates its own chatter. “Confused of *how* the real #BeReal wants me to be because the last 3 days he warned me while I was in the shower,” a Twitter user wrote.

The app promotes a very specific type of selfie

The app’s photo style encourages candor. They are always taken from the front and rear camera simultaneously, so people can see where you are.

While on Instagram your selfie might indicate you’re having a fun night out, BeReal activating both cameras might reveal you’re at a party for a plus your chat.

Filters are not a feature of the app, nor is video.

What happens if you miss a BeReal alert?

You can still post, even if you miss the window. However, followers will be able to see that you posted late. If you reposted a photo before posting it to the app, your followers will also be able to see it.

BTW, pay attention to screenshots

On that note, the app notifies users when their messages have been captured – and by whom.

Look for an icon at the bottom right of the photo, which indicates screenshots. Android users see a yellow shutter icon; iPhone users see a number that indicates how many times it has been captured. Tap the icon to reveal who took the screenshot.

Can anyone see your BeReal?

Depends. You can create a private account or an account reserved for friends. That said, users cannot browse photos until they post their own. Think of it as a “show me yours and I’ll show you mine” model. You cannot hide; you can only play the game.

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