Unboxing the Maya All-in-One Money App

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Sa tuwing tinatanong ng “ey kamusta” / Ito ang pitakang laging may pamusta
Parang maya na malaya lipad / Habang tumataas lalong lumalalim ang bulsa

[When I’m asked “how you been?” / I show them my wallet stacked to the brim / I’m free as a maya bird / the higher I fly, the deeper my pocket’s goin’]”

That’s the hook from Shanti Dope’s latest single “Maya, a powerful song filled with lyrics that embody the spirit of today’s youth. In addition, a video clip depicts the passions and motivations of the current generation.

Have you ever heard the song? As a member of this generation, I have to agree with what he wrote. In his verses, the Filipino Gen Z rapper describes our generation as talented individuals who think outside the box and are always ready to use the latest technological innovations to achieve their dreams.

The clip features several protagonists: a creative tattoo artist who grew up on the streets and an innovative hard-working online seller, among others. It provides insight into the kind of hard work this generation puts into their individual craft and why they do it. As Shanti Dope raps, “Dahilan kung bakit nagsusumikap pa nang husto, / is hindi lang dahil sa yamang material in mundo, / kayamanang matatawag is kung meron ka nito, / pamilyang nagmamahal, kaibigang totoo.

[The reason we hustle hard / is not for material things the world can offer. / But also for those we most treasure – / a loving family and real friends.]

I found myself really enjoying both the song and the music video because it encapsulates the courage of Generation Z. This is a generation that is not afraid to go against the norm to pursue a better future.

MEET THE GENERAL Z. “Maya” shows the image of the go-getters of this generation.

Maya talks about the new generation

What many may not yet know is that this song is a collaboration between the rapper and the new brand Maya. Aiming to create an anthem this generation can relate to, this collaboration announced the transformation of the app formerly known as PayMaya into a powerful all-in-one money app.

Like many brands launched these days, Maya has defined the younger generation as its target audience. But there’s one thing the app does differently: it takes what this generation needs and strives to make it possible within the app and its brand as a whole.

One way to achieve this is to work with real people instead of models, in the Maya music video – to ensure that the material feels authentic and relevant to its audience. Shanti and Maya worked with a real gamer and his real girlfriend, an amputee diver, and members of the LGBT community in his world-class music video.

Like “Maya” by Shanti Dope, the Maya app also celebrates this new generation of movers.

So how is this an app for the new generation?

“Habang tumataas, lalong lumalalim ang bulsa”: Unboxing the Maya all-in-one money app

All-in-one money app

Starting with the PayMaya e-Wallet, Maya launches new features along with an innovative digital banking experience powered by its own Maya Bank licensed Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) to allow you to spend, save, grow, grow invest and master your money – all in one app.

This new range of features includes Maya Savings with an introductory rate of 6% which is one of the highest offered on the market today, Maya Credit which allows certain users to benefit from a credit line of up to 15 000 P, Maya Crypto which allows users to buy, sell and hold crypto coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Tether for as little as P1 and Maya Wallet with free money from over 90,000 touchpoints at national scale.

The app also continues to develop new features that make it easier to send, receive, and grow your money.

As we are now used to calling online sellers and friends by their username, Maya makes sure you can send money via @username for a more personalized experience. Another great feature – especially for dark mode lovers – is the choice to switch to light or dark mode, which will make it the first finance app in the country to offer this feature. Soon you will be able to experience these revolutionary features on your Maya app.

By integrating various features into a seamless integrated experience, Maya is determined to live up to its bold new proposition. With this app you can now have everything you need for all things money. Moreover, you are also assured that it offers the security of a digital bank, which makes it “everything and a bank”.

As Shanti Dope sang, Gen Z “have tumataas lalong lumalalim ang bulsa” [The higher our generation go, the more their wallets flourish]. As your career and passions evolve, it’s time to manage your income. Download the Maya app at google play or the App store to help you manage your hard-earned money. – Rappler.com

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