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Our homes become much more sacred in the 2020s. As we watched the outside world accelerate, the great interior offered a renewed sense of relief – a new canvas to express personal style and surround us with stimulating household items. But where can you find such quality and affordable interiors and decorations? The Homeware Narchie app, called “Depop for homeware”, answers the call. UK-based Narchie finds local artisans and second-hand furniture collectors and connects them through an easy-to-navigate mobile app. Kent-based founder Harriet Wetton came up with the idea for Narchie in March 2021 and spoke with POPSUGAR about how her virtual market should be the future of your home design.

Wetton’s light bulb moment for Narchie came from his sister, who was able to quit her full-time fashion job and start a profitable store on Depop. “Why isn’t there a similar Depop for housewares?” Wetton wondered when brainstorming with her venture capitalist fiancé, James. “You know we have Etsy, but it’s huge, and there’s fashion there, jewelry there, arts and crafts, and it’s pretty broad. Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace, but you have to really know what you are looking for. You have to know that you want to buy a red teapot to research this. ”

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Wetton quickly realized that the household goods shopping world lacked full service – a specialist app that brings the best of locally manufactured or sourced home furnishings straight to your mobile phone. “I’ve always been obsessed with housewares, interiors, and buying antiques from charity stores, and helping friends find things,” she explained. While becoming an avid decorator herself, Wetton began to put together an impressive list of UK based freelance artisans. Six of his favorite sellers – vintage furniture stores Bamm Bamm Shop, Black-owned Second Abode and kitsch collector Vince’s House, candle maker Bzzwax & Co., ceramic artist Claire Sherston and ceramic studio Cinnamon – will be the first to install the Narchie when the application launches on November 10, 2021.

Prior to Narchie, Wetton had no experience in technology, applications, or building a virtual marketplace, but she was always self-sufficient. After working in public relations for a few years, she started her own PR agency Back For Good in her early twenties. “I was really passionate about sustainability, and a number of brands and customers would come to me and say, ‘could do as an offering?’ And that’s how Back For Good grew, “she explained.” The agency was great, but I always felt it wasn’t scalable enough for my ambitions. So I could keep building it, keep growing the team, keep getting more clients, but I wanted something that was at the next level. ”

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It took Wetton an impressive eight months to lead Narchie from idea to bid, given the financial access she has to a generous network of investors. Despite this, she urges anyone to take the risk of a great idea you believe in. “This is the most important thing that I have met with friends of mine who have these brilliant ideas that they just don’t know how to execute. You just have to start and people think about it too much,” he said. -she explains. “People think they need 10 years in a well-known company to justify themselves as an entrepreneur or they need validation from X, Y and Z. You really don’t. I don’t. am not a tech freak, but I believed in what we did with Narchie, and I believe in what we do with Back For Good. I am very passionate about the clients we work with. We don’t do greenwash “We’re very transparent in how we communicate their story. Our entire business model is sustainable from start to finish, and it was the same with Narchie. I’m building a product that I want to use.”

Wetton’s best tip for turning your big idea into a business is “open conversations. Network with people. Start somewhere, and it can really be a small thing. It can literally be joining a community of founders or join a network and just say, ‘I have this great idea. I don’t know who to talk to’, because someone will put you in touch with someone else who can give you advice, and that is just beginning this process. “

If you want more information about Narchie, sign up for early access to the app.

Image source: Narchie

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