Top 10 Trusted Mobile App Development Companies in UK 2022

You may be familiar with Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You will find billions of mobile applications for each of your needs. Whether you need a mobile app to keep track of your diet or a mobile app that can manage your finances. You will find thousands of mobile app choices to choose from. But how to develop a mobile application that exactly meets the needs of users? This is where app development companies play their part.

The mobile app development company can provide you with a team of developers who can meet your needs with their unique set of design and development skills. Whether you choose to go for Android app development, iOS app development, native or hybrid approach, the app development team will always have someone who can create a perfect solution based on your needs.

But for that, you will need to find the best app developers that you can trust and have years of experience that can reflect their process and ways of working. To make it easier for you, here we have listed the top 10 app developers in the UK in 2022 based on their app development expertise and experience.

List of Top 10 Trusted App Development Companies in UK 2022

1. Hyperlink Information System

InfoSystem Hyperlink is a popular web and mobile application development company based in London, UK with its development center in India and offices in USA, UAE and France. The company’s experienced team of over 250 developers provides top-notch services in the areas of Web and App Development, Gaming Apps, Blockchain Solutions, AR/VR Apps, Salesforce, artificial intelligence, data science, and more. They have extensive experience in developing cutting-edge mobile apps at an affordable price.

2.Netsells Group

Netsells is one of the fastest growing digital agencies in the North of England, producing cutting edge websites and mobile apps for over 300 businesses around the world. Their customer base includes Jaguar Landrover, NHS, University of Leeds, Capita, Stihl, Your Parking Space and many more. They follow the motto “Building Something Better”, a reflection of their commitment to their own internal standards and to their customers as well.


AKQA is a design and innovation company that employs 2,200 professionals in 20 countries. It received the Cannes Lions Grand Prize for Design in 2021 and was named by Gartner as one of the World’s Leading Marketing Agencies in 2021. AKQA is also a winner of Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Award in 2021 and recognized as Fast Company Best Workplace for Innovators in 2020. More recently, AKQA received Great Place to Work certification.

4. Data Art

DataArt is a global software engineering company that takes a uniquely human approach to solving problems. With over 20 years of experience, highly skilled engineering teams around the world, deep industry sector knowledge and continuous technology research, they help customers create custom software that improves their operations and opens up new markets. They integrate their engineering excellence with deeply human values ​​that drive their company to deliver high-value, high-quality solutions.

5. Blacksmiths Guide DCSL

DCSL GuideSmiths is an award-winning bespoke software development company, with headquarters in Farnborough, Hampshire, and engineering centers of excellence in London, Manchester, Madrid, Seville and Bucharest. Since 1994, they’ve been creating smart, cost-effective, and intuitive web applications, desktop applications, and mobile apps for established businesses, nonprofits, government organizations, and funded start-ups.

6. Mabaloo

Mubaloo helps companies explore digital opportunities, establish strategic frameworks and roadmaps for delivery; offering end-to-end design, development and growth capabilities. Across many industries, we drive innovation by creating smart mobile apps and digital products that keep users in their hearts. Over the past ten years, Mubaloo has created over 300 apps with organizations around the world.

7. Apadmi Ltd

Apadmi Ltd designs cutting-edge mobile and web applications for enterprise clients, covering everything from digital strategy to design, development and delivery. Their digital solutions are designed to connect people in ever more innovative ways, wherever they are. By taking the time to fully understand customer needs, they provide solutions that not only meet their requirements today, but continue to deliver real benefits in the future for both their business and their customers.

8. Digis

Founded in 2009 as Do IT Programming Solutions, they strive to provide top quality at a reasonable cost. One of their core skills is JavaScript, as they believe this technology defines the entire World Wide Web (www). IGIS promotes the sustainable growth of your business by offering world-class services.


Waracle improves the lives of patients and clients through mobile technology. They connect the best people with the most innovative companies in financial services and digital health with expertise in design research, user experience, mobile development, Scrum, product management, DevOps, cybersecurity, voice and more. Their vision is to empower financial, physical, and mental well-being through cutting-edge mobile solutions.

10. HD Data Systems

HData Systems is a leading provider of Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence services for clients around the world. Our core service is based on Data Science technology which helps companies to grow their business and achieve their goal easily by using competitor’s reports and data. We always provide the data and service to our customers that helps them increase their return on investment. They provide a one-stop destination for anyone’s next data requirements.

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