The Roadkill Art app now has technical features to communicate within the app

The app with technical features to like, comment and share.

Roadkill Art app is designed for game meat lovers.

Roadkill Art app is designed for game meat lovers.

Member of the application always ready to help you with a great recipe.

App member Griff Griffin grills his delicious marinated backstraps.

The Roadkill Art app with new features to communicate with other members and share traffic accident reports on social media.

Take it off the road, treat it, grill it, eat it, then turn it into art, Roadkill Art.

—Buck Criminaler

MT PLEASANT, SC, USA, Aug 2, 2022 / — Roadkill Art app launched with 6 main features to report traffic accidents nationwide including Hawaii and Alaska, advanced technically with the addition of communication computing. Members can now “like” others’ reports (post), “comment” on others’ reports, and “share” reports on Facebook and Instagram. Not only can a member view the daily “list view” for traffic casualties, but they can also contact other members through posted traffic casualty reports, fresh and available for pickup.

Once a report is completed, a position marker instantly appears on the “Map” app. Clicking on a location marker opens a message showing the exact location, image, video, and roadkill rating. The ‘List View’ allows you to quickly scroll through all the reports. Reporting a traffic accident, especially big game, now comes with greater speed in getting it off the road, in a fridge, and on a table.

Roadkill Art is a free application designed to make it easier to find roadkill whether you’re someone looking for delicious game meat to grill, a soup kitchen chef wanting a big serving of meat, or a taxidermist looking to make handmade products from scraps and hides. The app takes you to a fresh venison first, even before Vulture has it as a meal option.

Although the app is free on Google Play and Apple, it’s the sign-up process that keeps the group very specific with the selection of its “Game Meat Eating” status. The app opens the door to game meat for non-hunters who love a good venison steak, with the choice of game meat status, “Not a hunter but like game meat”. With videos on how to skin and handle a deer, connecting to trained hunters and processors in the app and on Roadkill Art’s Facebook page, the non-hunter can now feel comfortable charging a deer.

The first phase of the app launched in 2021, key features are: GEO tracking to report exact locations of road kills, ability to take a photo, video recording up to 30 seconds with commentary voices and the evaluation of road mortality from 8 descriptions of choice. For the first time, the United States has a place to find road-killed animals for consumption, saving members driving time, gas money and car prices. meat currently higher.

Also intact (in the gray bar at the top of the “Map View” and “List View” pages next to the profile picture) is a distance wheel icon to set the range in miles of the distance that you are ready to go to pick up a road accident. The wheel can be set to 5 miles or 5000 miles, finding out what has been reported as far away as Hawaii if in Maine or South Carolina if in Alaska.

Another first feature is the “Rules” page to check traffic accident rules and regulations for each US state and the District of Columbia, the only state-by-state updated guide to traffic accidents in America. There are 8 US states that allow removal of traffic accidents without having to report it to the state Division of Natural Resources, Department of Wildlife, or local law enforcement, including: Delaware, Wisconsin, California, Arkansa, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida. The other 42 states are required to complete a salvage report, obtain a permit from Natural Resources, complete a specific tag, license or report, or call 911 to ask the police for permission to take a road accident. If you click on your state from the map on the “Regulations” page, you’ll find detailed information about your state’s road fatality requirements.

Roadkill Art is a growing community of outdoor experts with the skill of roadkill, knowing if it’s good to take it, how to transport it, process it, store it and cook it. App members can now notify other members of available roadkill, especially big game, before it gets damaged by traffic or eaten by vultures, helping to utilize the millions of big game who end up being killed on the road every year. To become a member of this growing community, download the app to your phone and sign up by answering a few simple questions.

1. First put Roadkill Art in Google Play or Apple App Stores search box, find app icon, deer with halo, select “GET”
2. Download the app and OPEN
3. Allow Location
4. Allow the app to access your camera for photos
5. Allow the app to access your camera for videos
6. Sign up with name, cell, email, city and state
7. Set a password
8. Provide your Game Eating Status
9. Log in to the app with the password and email you just signed up for, which you won’t have to do again unless you want to change your password.

Links for Android and iOS.

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Google link:

Tips and learning instructions on how to process and cook game meat might be the most valued information from other members. Without having that temperature-regulated place (large freezer) to hang the big game knowing where the nearest processor is or finding the local soup kitchen to take a road-killed deer while it’s fresh is also information that any knowledgeable member of the Roadkill app can help. The Roadkill Art app designed for game meat lovers not only provides the information needed to catch that big game right on the road, but also a community of like-minded skilled outdoorsmen ready to guide and to help through the process to get a roadkill into a delicious recipe and onto the table.

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