The Kogo app partners with IBW 2021 – offers runners specially organized itineraries and stays for the festival

Kogo is essentially a device app platform through which users can not only plan their trips, but also make reservations for their destination, while tracking and storing all of their travel data. By partnering with IBW, Kogo is trying to give IBW 2021 attendees a more organized experience than they otherwise would have. In addition to the festival passes available on the app, participants will have access to special accommodation organized in hotels and campsites around the festival. Using the features built into the Kogo app, riders can also connect with each other on the move, exchange information and recommendations, and offer assistance to other riders via the Road Connect feature.

This year, India Bike Week and Kogo also hosted the Kogo Wild Ride Challenge, where the top ten riders who completed the longest distance will receive awards. The first three winners will respectively receive cash rewards of Rs 15,000, Rs 12,000 and Rs 8,000.

Another really cool feature is the fact that Kogo will provide roadside assistance and safety if something goes wrong. Passengers will also have direct access to ambulance services on their way to the IBW and back from their respective cities. Kogo also allows users to share their experiences by helping them create posts, videos and captions for their social media handles and IBW 2021 should be a real gold mine for such content creation. To download the Kogo app, click here and here.

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