The Cleethorpes girl who swapped her homemade craft book and now has a luxury £400 rug

A young girl from Cleethorpes has traded items to raise money for an illness affecting her grandmother.

Madison Siddle, 9, raised money for Chron’s disease through a process called “exchanging” where a person starts with one item and keeps trying to swap it out for more expensive items. Chron’s disease is a condition that can cause inflammation of the digestive tract and lead to abdominal pain, weight loss, fatigue and malnutrition.

Madison started with a craft book she made with her dad Adam Siddle. She traded it in for a limited-edition Monopoly game and then a number of high-end beauty sets. Now she has secured her biggest swap to date which saw her receive a luxury rug costing over £400 from a local Grimsby business.

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She told parents Megan and Adam that she wanted to raise money and help people. After her grandmother’s recent diagnosis of Chron’s disease, Madison thought it was the perfect charity.

She originally planned to sell 100 craft books, but after seeing a video of a person going from a paper clip to a house, she and her parents decided this was the way to go.

Madison Siddle, 9, with GCW’s Andre Shaw on Freeman Street with her latest trade. She is raising money for Chron’s disease after her grandmother was recently diagnosed with the disease.

Madison said: “I decided I wanted to help the people I was collecting as best I could. After my grandmother was diagnosed, I decided this was the charity I wanted to help. .

“I started with a craft book I made with my dad and now I have a rug. I don’t really know what I will get next but I would like someone to help me to continue my exchange I hope to have a car at the end and then I will auction it off to raise as much money as possible for the charity.

“It’s really exciting and I like doing it by the minute, I’ve been doing it for almost a month now, but it’s gone really fast.”

Mum Megan Siddle said: “I’m really proud of her for doing it and it’s been great to have helped her gain confidence. She’s come pretty far pretty quickly and every time she does, it’s more inspiring for her.We didn’t think it would go as well as it did.The target was £200, but it’s now more than double that.

“She’s normally quite shy and that’s helped her come out of her shell. She always asks ‘will people be okay with that?’ but it helped her to be more ok with everything and with herself.” We will always remember that. It’s more than your standard fundraising idea.

“My mom was recently diagnosed with Chron’s disease and it doesn’t get as much attention as other illnesses, so Madison said she wanted to raise money for it. My mom is also very proud of her. Madison is so selfless and always tries to help others where she can.”

Since beginning her journey, Madison has gone from a handmade book, to a limited-edition Monopoly game, and then to a number of high-end beauty sets. Now she has secured her biggest trade-in yet which saw her receive a luxury rug from a local company.

Madison Siddle, left, with Andre Shaw, right, who traded Madison a luxury carpet for a number of high-end beauty sets
Madison Siddle, left, with Andre Shaw, right, who traded Madison a luxury carpet for a number of high-end beauty sets

Grimsby Carpet Warehouse secured the trade with Madison and said it was something they were really interested in getting involved in. Retail store sales manager Andre Shaw said: “We try to help the community as much as we can and when we saw this we really wanted to be part of it. It was really positive and there was a good atmosphere too..

“We can’t wait to watch Madison’s journey and see how she fares with future trades, hopefully she gets as far as she can go.”

To help Madison on her journey, you can get in touch through the Facebook page here.

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