#TechCEO: How Calendly CEO Tope Awotona introduced the modern scheduling app to professionals

Tope Awotona is one of the most promising CEOs in the tech industry. Its popular Calendly app sounds the world over because it is so convenient to use for business.

In particular, this modern scheduling app has already helped millions of workers, recruiters, and other professionals succeed in their jobs. At present, almost all employees need it.

How did Awotona start creating Calendly from scratch?

Calendly: the beginnings

(Photo: Tope Awotona/LinkedIn)

Awotona’s journey has not been easy, especially when he was just starting his craft. According to his LinkedIn profilehe founded Calendy in 2013, which aims to simplify scheduling for every professional without any reliance on email.

Awotona was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. He belongs to a middle class family. Her mother worked in Lagos as an entrepreneur. During this time, her father was a microbiologist.

Since the death of his father at the age of 12, the Nigerian-born child has instilled in his mind that he must redeem him.

Fast forward to 1996, Awotona and her family moved to Atlanta, USA to pursue a college education. He became interested in computer science at the University of Georgia, but later took a business-related course.

Since then, he has sold his own app, like EMC, which was obtained by Dell. He focused on building a business in the form of a dating site. There was a time when he created a website for gardening tools and another for projects. He found no success in any of them.

He was such a frustrated salesman that he often failed to arrange appointments. It took him some time to learn how to handle emails without any delays, or at least at the right time.

Obviously, his perseverance in business led him to create Calendly. He bet a lot of money to bring this app, and he was aware of the risks he might face as he went along.

“With my previous companies, I hedged my bets a bit and gave myself a way out. With Calendly, I flew into a war zone and invested every penny I had. If you want to do something, you gotta do it all in,” Awotona said.

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How Calendly is shaping the modern business cycle

According Forbes, Calendly is a great tool for setting up road meetings and landing pages. A person can also embed this app in other apps.

Awotona admitted that its marketing took time to think about how to get a large number of users to use it. They didn’t have proper plans to promote it back then.

The American immigrant decided to switch to remote work last summer. He also said he wanted to add more features to Calendly, including attaching candidate resumes to the calendar invite and pre-meeting options.

The CEO of Calendly believes that by expanding internationally, he could help others facing scheduling challenges around the world.

At present, Calendment already worth $3 billion. The 40-year-old founder is now considering improving it further, going beyond its limits so that it can provide better service to everyone.

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