Tech Space Giant, “Stack Pack” talks about the Kandiid app, the entertainment industry and the explosion of the NFT market

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BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, USA, June 24, 2022 / — Since the introduction of the metaverse in 2003, there has been a crusade to discover the new land found on par with our ancestors centuries ago. As creators set their anchors in virtual real estate, how to capture and monetize the technology was a challenge that went unresolved until cryptocurrencies were founded in 2008. With the answer When asked about monetization, creators saw the open frontier in the virtual world and seized the opportunity to market their digital art. In recent years, digital artists have become celebrities on the rise to stardom with the NFT (non-fungible token) craze sweeping the social media markets. A relatively new technology, nfts are a unique digital representation of art stamped with a certificate of authenticity or recordable deed on a blockchain.

Meet the creator of nft leading the charge in metaverse space! Aptly known by his single pen name, “Stack Pack” is on an endless crusade to revolutionize the digital space with his trademark art. While many terms have surfaced to describe these creators, what you will find is that many nft creators are a metamorphosis of a collection of talents wrapped in an enigma of grandeur. Stack Pack embodies all the elements of a mastermind as it ventures into the realms of music, production, consulting and creating some of the most intriguing works of digital art known to man. To Stack Pack, he makes it look easy, but to many, the skills he possesses are hard-sought and rare in most industries of the world. This is where Stack Pack has become a tech and music superstar, delivering a unique energy to everything it gets its hands on. Inspired by pioneers like Soulja Boy, where it all began and where Stack Pack is headed is light years beyond our comprehension.

Looking back, Stack Pack’s humble beginnings began in Boston, Massachusetts, where his talent for entertainment began with his parents who were musicians themselves. Through the process of mitosis, Stack was instantly drawn into the entrepreneurial spirit at an early age which began with the explosion of the World Wide Web. Armed with a strong belief in success, Stack Pack self-taught the skills and know-how to propel his career into overdrive. Stack Pack jumped in head first building a studio producing unique tracks that led to the formation of their own patented sound. The demand for Stack Pack services has started to catch on nationally with little to no marketing or advertising.

The 2020 Covid-19 pandemic has arrived in the United States, pushing daily life into isolation. Stack Pack has seized on mandatory quarantines and isolation to further hone its craft in the digital crypto space and the introduction of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The fact that most of America was stuck in doors led to Stack Pack networking on social media such as Clubhouse, which sparked a revolution of sorts of like-minded individuals sharing ideas for creativity. Stack Pack formed both Money Records and Internet Traffic Marketing to house his creative ideas and concepts and the rest is history.

With the formation of the Stack Pack record label and Tech Company, calls for partnerships and endorsement deals quickly came to his doorstep. At the start of 2020, Stack Pack had a staggering 10 million social media following across all spectrums and counting. This was just the beginning of introducing NFT and Meta Verse to the market, which led Stack Pack to search for a Social Media Home to house all of its creativity. The new and innovative app Kandiid, which is one of the leading pioneers of social media platforms that specializes and recognizes the importance for creators to monetize their content, entered the scene on the left. Kandiid has the first of its kind, “The Klub” feature that allows users to monetize content created on their terms. Stack Pack and Founder Antoine McLaughlin entered into a partnership based on the key phrase “Your network is your net worth” and the belief that “Everyone is a creator”. The Kandiid app concept is designed to enable ordinary people to keep sincere memories by creating scrapbooks and rating the value of their content. It was mutually agreed that Kandiid was the outlet that would not only house Stacks’ impressive collection of non-fungible tokens; but educating the masses on how to capitalize on their art.

Unlike many other social media apps, Kandiid operates on a “judgment-free zone,” which allows tech giants like Stack Pack to enjoy the full gamut of creativity without fear of being banned or censored. Today, Stack Pack, in collaboration with Kandiid, has one main objective; “Leading the masses to freedom of expression!” Since the Kandiid app’s initial release in November 2021, the number of downloads and unique users has increased by 430%, thanks in large part to influencers such as Stack Pack bringing their talents to the platform. In a recent interview, Stack was quoted as referring to Kandiid as the “new frontier”, of how NFTs will be marketed as we look to the 22nd century.

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Kandiid is a social media platform designed and created as one of the pioneers in the social market. Kandiid has the first of its kind, “The Klub” feature that allows users to monetize created content. Antoine stands behind the phrase “Your network is your Networth”, and believes that everyone is a Kreator. Antoine built Kandiid on the premise of empowering ordinary people to hold heartfelt memories by creating scrapbooks and rating the value of their content. Unlike many other social media apps, Kandiid operates on a “judgment-free zone”, which means comments are disabled to encourage genuine expression. The goal for Antione is simple, “Kandiid is a people-driven content vehicle”. The power of creativity must be in the hands of the user; therefore, Kandiid will never monitor or censor user content unless it crosses hate lines. Antoine Mclaughlin has the vision and passion for excellence, and Kandiid is an example of his hard work and dedication personified to push the culture forward.

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