Stacey Solomon’s Best Christmas Craft Ideas to Make Decorations With Your Kids



At one month of Christmas, we start to allow ourselves to feel a little festive.

But, without letting the global pandemic put the brakes on things, there is still little we can do in terms of a festive celebration.

Especially if you have kids, there aren’t any museums, ice rinks, restaurants, or play centers open to keep them entertained when they’re not in school.

Stacey has lots of wonderful ideas for Christmas decorations

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However, staying at home doesn’t have to mean being bored.

Why not decorate the place with some fabulous craft projects that you made with your child?

And who better to be inspired by than Loose Woman star Stacey Solomon.

The 31-year-old often shares tips and tricks with her 3.8 million Instagram followers and recently posted some fabulous party creations.

We’ll take a look …

Mini Christmas trees

Joe Swash’s girlfriend recently took to her Instagram Stories to showcase her latest creation; little Christmas tree decorations, and they are so simple yet effective.

Stacey started out by making a cardboard cone and wrapping twine around it.

The former X Factor competitor began by explaining: “The boys were making jars of reindeer gifts… I was making mini-trees to go near the decorations on the TV…”

She then began to roll a green card into a cone shape, then cut out the bottom so that it was flat.

After that, Stacey took a white string and wrapped it around the cone, carefully, so that it was covered.

The finished product looked fabulous!

Once the cone was properly wrapped, the star began to decorate it. Captioning the pictures, she wrote: “I’m just gluing pom poms and a weird earring for the star.”

She then continued, “I glued a diffuser stick inside and tied it to a slice of wood to make a base. But you can just hold them up with anything ”.

Using her famous ‘tap to tidy’ method, in which she shows off photos of her before and after work, Stacey shared the finished products, and don’t they look amazing? !

Personalized balls

If you’re decorating your Christmas tree, why not take Stacey’s example and create a personalized one, with whatever message you think is appropriate inside.

To do this, Stacey poured different sparkly toppings into clear plexiglass balls that she had ordered online.

“I’ve been looking forward to this all day! I finally got there,” Stacey wrote as she shared her step-by-step creation session.

Stacey Solomon bought some filling balls and dedicated one to her trolls nicknamed
Stacey Solomon bought some filling balls and dedicated one to her trolls nicknamed “Susan”

The mom of three then shared the source of her supplies: “I bought these clear fillable balls from Amazon, and they are so much fun!”

Having a bit of fun with her label designer, Stacey shared the black and white post that read: “Merry Christmas Susan.”

Susan is Stacey’s name for trolls, but you and your kids could name your family members instead!

Tree decorations

Stacey’s also recently shared a different way of making a Christmas tree decoration, which is more natural in appearance.

She started making it by gluing a pine cone to a slice of wood, which she bought from Amazon in sets of 50.

These are the objects that Stacey used to create her decoration

it looks so pretty

She captioned the footage, writing, “My happy place…, alongside a black heart emoji.

Next, the star glued tiny little self-adhesive faux pearls to the needles of the pine cones and covered them with white glitter.

After all this, she used the pendant from an old necklace, which was shaped like a star, and added it to the top of the tree.


This is a hack that actually took Stacey’s oldest son Zachary, 12, away from his games console.

Stacey shared this on Instagram, writing, “So Zachy very rarely wants to create with me thanks to the PlayStation…

“So when he asked if we could make our own snow globes, I bought the ingredients immediately before he changed his mind… and that’s what we did while Rex was napping.” .

The Loose Women star mixed water and glycerin

You can tailor it with more Christmas glitter and colors

Although Stacey did this a few months ago, so chose a fall theme, it’s easy to adapt for Christmas.

She showed images of Zach pouring golden glitter and metallic fall leaves into a glass jar containing a small pumpkin pattern.

Then they poured 3/4 water and 1/4 glycerin, then added the lid to the jar after coating the inside of it with super glue to make it waterproof.

They then wrapped the lid in twine and added a wooden name tag to the bottom of the jar that read “Zachary”.

Stacey then commented on the finished creation, writing: “Well done Zachy it’s beautiful”.

You can do this with any type of glitter or glitter, maybe red and green, or metallic ivy and holly leaves, but if they are heavier, be sure to add more glycerin to that they definitely float.


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