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Mia Khalifa reconsiders her power

When content creator and activist Mia Khalifa looks back on her youth, she sees a woman who struggled to be self-confident. “I was looking for others to value me. I was looking for validation in all the crevices that I could, without actually doing any internal work, ”Khalifa told Yahoo Life. At 21, Khalifa spent three months in the adult film industry – making 12 films that have now garnered over a billion views. She now refers to this period of her life as an “error in judgment” that was never meant to last. Khalifa, now 28, talks about her experience in the adult film industry and her journey there. She talks about the exploitation she suffered and hopes her story can prevent other women from going through the same thing. “Tik Tok was better than therapy. Women who tell their stories, who have the courage to put their faces on the internet and share their experiences, that’s where my confidence comes from,” Khalifa explains. has been the biggest key to fighting my own shame. Seeing all those women who have been through things much worse than me and come out like fighting with skin under their fingernails. In 2020, after the explosion in Beirut, Khalifa decided to auction off her glasses to raise funds for the Lebanese Red Cross. She was able to donate over $ 160,000 to the Red Cross and felt encouraged by the impact she had made. could have with its new platform.

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