Nightlife app enhances its flavor with partnerships between Westport Bars and KC brewing company

A the strategic partnership with Westport Bars will do more than drive revelers to the UpDown Nightlife app, Joshua Lewis said; it will provide the seed data needed to scale its platform nationwide.

“Through this partnership, we’re really going to be able to grow our business model,” said Lewis, Founder and CEO of Night life — a mobile app that connects consumers to local bars, breweries, clubs and entertainment. “We will collect data on what is most beneficial to the districts; what is most advantageous for bars and liquor brands? But then it all comes into, what is most beneficial for the party animal? We are looking to improve the user experience so that more people come out. »

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Westport Bars is a coalition made up of four bars — Bridge workers, Lotus, garden bar and stop shot — in the Westport district of Kansas City; it will also open and add two new bars over the next year, Lewis announced. With the neighborhood attracting thousands of night owls every weekend, Lewis is confident that the clientele will attract more users to UpDown Nightlife.

“Our app is going to have promotions and offers for [Westport Bars’ locations] which you can only get if you have the app,” Lewis said. “This is a mutually beneficial partnership as it will bring more traffic to their bars and more traffic to our app. The plan for this partnership is to grow us from 15,000 to 50,000 users by the end of the year. year.

Alongside the deals, UpDown NightLife is expected to host specialist events at Westport Bars premises, Lewis added.

“From an event perspective, UpDown has partnered with Westport Bars in 2019,” he said. “Then we were just hosting events to drive traffic to their spaces and then taking a break once the pandemic hit. … This time around, we want the app to drive the traffic, not the events and parties that drive the traffic. Parties are just a plus.

Tap into Border Brewing Co.

UpDown Nightlife also recently announced a partnership with Border Brewing Co. This is the company’s first official partnership with a beer brand, Lewis noted.

“We’ve done sponsorship deals in the past, but none of them have been a partnership like this,” he said. “We’ll be helping Border Brewing grow their brand through our app where we’ll be promoting their special offers and new products they’re launching.”

Joshua Lewis, Nightlife UpDown

As part of the partnership, UpDown Nightlife plans to promote events through which individuals can watch the brewing process — as well as create their own UpDown Nightlife-branded craft beer, Lewis shared.

“I’ve been in the nightlife space for a very long time, but I’ve never gotten my hands on it like we’re about to right now,” Lewis said. “I’m really excited to learn more about the possible flavor palettes.”

UpDown Nightlife-branded craft beer isn’t expected to release for another six months to a year, Lewis noted, but in the meantime he’s exploring how to bring black culture into the craft beer space.

“In terms of taste, branding, packaging and messaging, we’re going to make sure the culture is mixed… My ideas may change but I’d like to see some jazz and blues inspiration incorporated into [our craft beer]Lewis teased, noting that a majority of modern music derives from black culture and the blues. “Black culture is the missing piece we need to bring to craft beer.”

Through these two partnerships, Lewis’ ultimate goal is to enhance the experience for someone who enjoys drinking and/or the nightlife, he said.

“We’re preparing to scale so we can bring this app to more cities and reach more people,” Lewis said. “We’ll be able to interact with more partygoers and find out exactly what they want and when they want it. It’s really for them.”

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