New Singles Wedding App Connects Single Guests to Friends Weddings

New app for wedding singles

Marriage Singles

Marriage Singles

Dinara Aprymova

Dinara Aprymova

The free app sparks excitement among singles who could potentially find their love at a wedding

LOS ANGELES, USA, Nov. 15, 2021 / – Happy married Dinara Aprymova was having dinner with her husband, Mark, when inspiration struck: How about an app that connects single guests to weddings of their friends?

“What better way to find love than at the biggest and most important event your friends are having? Aprymova asked.

Soon her newly launched free app, Wedding Singles, was born, with the help of her husband, a senior software engineer, who created the app.

The Wedding Singles app is easy to use. All the bride and groom need to do is create a unique code for their wedding event on the app and share it with their guests on the wedding invitation. Single guests create their profile using the code and view the profiles of other singles participating in the same wedding. Wedding guests can love each other and if they match, then only the two people will be notified. Guests are also notified when new singles register for the same wedding.

The benefits of the app are many, Aprymova said. It saves time and adds credibility compared to dating apps. It gets singles excited about having even more fun and potentially finding their love at a wedding and it feels good if there are mutual likes before marriage.

Also, she said, her Wedding Singles app makes it easy to break the ice, as profiles show names, age, current location, hometowns, sexual orientation, and music, a user’s favorite hobbies, movies, TV shows, and other interests.

The app helps shy and introverted people find love and approach a stranger, said Aprymova, who works as a picture editor on Hollywood TV shows.

“When you’re single and attending a wedding, wouldn’t you wish you could save a dance with your crush?” Aprymova asked. “A lot of times, singles go to weddings hoping to meet someone, but end up staying in their comfort zone with people they already know.” Or, she said, guests won’t approach anyone lest it be bothersome or not mutual, so they stay at their assigned table. And, of course, customers don’t know which other customers are single.

There are no random people on the app, only singles attending the same wedding.

For more information on the app, available for Android and iOS phones, visit The app is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

About Dinara Aprymova
Aprymova was born in Almaty, Kazakhstan. At the age of 17, she traveled 7,000 miles to Knoxville, Tennessee, to earn a journalism degree. After spending two years in a television channel, she had the chance to work on the set of an independent feature film, “Prison Break”. The making of a film inspired her to make her own short film in which she wore several hats as a writer, director, editor, stage manager and head of the craft department. She moved to Hollywood to study film and after graduating she started attending and editing TV shows such as “The Orville”, created by Seth MacFarlane, “American Vandal”, “Queen of the South “,” Tell Me Your Secrets “,” The Chi “, created by Lena Waithe and” Ordinary Joe “.

Wedding Singles is Aprymova’s passion project as she deeply cares about helping people find happiness and solve problems.


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