The Piano and Organ Clubhouse apps fit perfectly into the plan I take my CDub brand from.

—Carlton “CDub” Whitfield

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, June 20, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — As a leader in the world of gospel music, media and technology, The CDub Brand Founder and CEO, Carlton Whitfield, announces its acquisition of two major apps for musicians, Piano ClubHouse and Organ Clubhouse . Apps help users to learn gospel music on piano and organ. Whitfield recently purchased apps from developer Thomas Hanes. When asked what prompted this purchase, Whitfield said “it’s a big part of who I am.” He accredits the YouTube page as “one of the first platforms where I got my start as an instructor”, with Whitfield participating in around 500 of the instructional videos available. “It fits perfectly into the plan where I take my CDub brand from.” Apps are available through IOS app stores and Google Play.

Under the CDub brand, Whitfield leads the industry in providing modern ministries with a complete worship experience, without the need for a full 7-piece band. With the push of a button, any ministry can have full backing while performing the gospel industry’s most performed worship songs using Loops BY CDUB. This app has become even more essential in congregations nationwide as during the pandemic the country has been forced to adhere to strict social distancing protocols which have directly impacted the music ministries of many congregations. . This has left pastors without support during their services. Understanding the complexity of this dilemma, the Whoop Triggerz app launched in 2018 became the answer.

Meet the Founder

From humble beginnings on YouTube, Carlton Whitfield quickly became the forerunner of congregational worship. Owner and creator of CDub Brands, Carlton Whitfield was introduced to music when he was 3 years old. Born and raised in Hillsboro, Texas, into a family of faith under parents who nurtured his gift for ministry in music, Whitfield was able to become a master at his craft. So much so that others affectionately called him C-Dub, which gave rise to the C-Dub brand.

About OrganeClubhouse

Taught by professional musicians, with disciples ranging from songwriting to clarity of performance. OrganClubhouse offers users the opportunity to learn all aspects of how to improve their organ performance skills. This app promises to help develop organ players’ overall musicality, with tutorials on preaching chords, shouted music, spoken music, licks and leads, pedals, and more. The app offers an auto-renewing monthly subscription, with a free trial.

About Piano Clubhouse

The Piano Clubhouse is the perfect learning tool for any budding pianist who wants to learn to play songs from their favorite Billboard artists. The educational app offers over 2000 piano video tutorials, in over 8 different genres, taught by professional musicians. Users can choose from an array of categories, such as Christian, Gospel, Christmas, TV Theme Songs, Music Theory, and more. With such a selection of tutorials, users can easily find and learn their favorite tunes.

About Whoop Triggerz

A revolutionary app that allows virtually anyone to save a preacher during live services. As an essential ministry tool, this app allows pastors and speakers to bring a full group support service to life, without the presence of musicians.

About Loops by CDub

The world’s best mobile app that features an ever-growing library of drum loops and click tracks, which have been created to be performed along with the most commonly performed gospel songs in church, today. This app allows churches to add live drumming at the touch of a button.

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