Kelp, Skittle, marshmallow and other weird beers on the Tavour app


Listen up, beer lovers. Craft beer has gotten a little weird in 2021. Anyone who’s spent time browsing the Tavour app last year is probably aware. If you don’t know, Tavour is a craft beer sales and delivery service, and these beer scouts dig up some of the craft world’s most unusual beers from the country’s most talented brewers, like the one at New York. evil twinOhio Listerman and North Dakota drecker – so that their members can enjoy a truly unique mousse delivered directly to their homes. As we enter the new year, Tavour looks back on some of the wackiest treasures they’ve featured over the past 12 months. Here’s a quick look at some of the most unusual flavors and weirdest brews on the beer retailer’s app recently!

After School Prrrrt – Fruited Sour Ale Drekker Brewing Co.

If you could distill childhood memories and put them in a can, it would probably taste like this beer. Drekker’s outrageously talented, boundary-pushing brewers have loaded over 100 pounds of Fruit by the Foot candies and Gushers in every batch of their After School Prrrt Fruited Sour!

Then they took it a step further by stuffing 1,800 pounds of passion fruit, pineapple, plums, strawberries and raspberries with the sour candies. Finally, they topped it off with a creamy dose of lactose, sea salt, and vanilla beans. When we tell you this sip will make you feel a little nostalgic, we mean it.

Beer that refreshes – Sour Ale from Evil Twin Brewing NYC

Only the obsessively experimental brewers of Evil Twin could make a cola flavored beer and then think, “That’s not quite unique enough.” How about adding cinnamon and marshmallows? To be clear, this is not an assumption. It’s the beer that refreshes, and we’ve never tasted anything like it! It’s like a Vanilla Coke with bakery spices, topped off with a pinch of alcohol.

Atlanta Banana Pancake Cabana – Imperial Pastry Stout Listermann Brewery and Pontoon Brewing Company

Brunch lovers of all kinds, raise your glasses! The creative brains at Listermann Brewing in Ohio and Pontoon Brewing in Georgia stuffed this brunch-inspired Pastry Stout with sweet bananas, vanilla, maple syrup, spices, lactose — and, get this — REAL pancake mix, hazelnuts and Nutella. Each silky sip tastes like a stack of classic banana pancakes, with an added layer of chocolate-nutty decadence.

Kelp! I Need Honey (2020) – Barrel Aged Saison Oxbow Brewing Co. and Spiny dogfish head

At first glance, this barrel-aged season doesn’t seem so strange. But when you sip it, there’s an unexpected honeyed sweetness and ever so light minerality. A dry, earthy character that’s delicious, but hard to place. Spoiler: this is from kelp! That’s right, it’s a seaweed-infused sip! Is that weird enough for you?

Rainbow Smigles Fruited Berliner Weisse from Pontoon Brewing Company

Pontoon calls this his most famous beer to date. Curious to know why? They stuff him with over 100 pounds of Trix Cereals and 500 pounds of Skittles! Boosted with 3 pounds per gallon of juicy strawberries and pineapple, vanilla, and lactose, it gets craft-lovers’ inner children spinning with excitement. It really is a one-of-a-kind experience!

Many more unique beers landed in Tavour in 2021, but here are a few of our favorites. If you’re an adventurous beer fan, download the Tavour app and stay tuned, because American craftsmanship is about to get even weirder in 2022. And we’ll be here to taste every drop!

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