It’s an artisanal trap! The Star Wars Craft Book by Bonnie Burton


Do you know those cartoon scenes where someone is so hungry that they start to see everything around them as food? Sometimes I wonder if this is what happens when Bonnie Burton looks around, only instead of the food is Star wars thing.

That wooden spoon? It’s Figrin D’an. White washcloths? Wampas. Dreidel? Droidel.

Burton’s latest project, The Star Wars Craft Book, comes out today loaded with the kinds of things she’s been having fun highlighting on for a few years now.

Adopting the author’s oft-stated philosophy of using what you have, my daughter and I made an Admiral Ackbar-inspired hand puppet that is by far one of the easiest projects, but also a which illustrates Bonnie’s great sense of clairvoyance Star wars shapes in everyday objects. Paper bag puppet = obvious. Fill an extra bag and turn it into the head of My Calamari = vision.

The crafts range from the most basic (finding stones and painting Star wars faces on them!) to “I want this, but I really want someone else to do it for me “(paperchewed up acklay trophy head).

My beloved nephew from * Star Wars- * was very intrigued by the possibilities inside: he and his younger brother immediately wanted to tackle those Wampas washcloths and just about any crafts involving Chewbacca. But her first “must-do” (or, in this case, “Dad-must-do”) was the Tooka doll. Now my younger brother is a smart, handy guy, but he passes this warning on: if you have an aversion to sewing, you’ll either skip some of the bigger projects in this book altogether or spend a lot of time on the sewing machine. learning curve.

Still, they’ve managed to sew and stuff two Tookas, and they look forward to several more needle-and-thread-less projects.

The Star Wars Craft Book features a good mix of projects from scratch, like these Tookas, and things to craft from found objects like jars of baby food, apples, and old socks. Some crafts can be done quite easily on a rainy afternoon, and others will take more time and commitment to be successful.

In any case, what Burton has managed to put into this book is something more than a crafting list: she’s included a fair amount of the inspiration that obviously drives her. The day after making this Ackbar puppet, I passed a silver tin can by the side of the road on my way to work, and for a brief moment all I saw was the stuff of ‘an office astromech droid.

* Disclosure: GeekDad has received a prior copy of * The Star Wars Craft Book for this review.

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