Issa Rae abandons innovative mobile game app “Insecure” ahead of series finale

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Issa Rae is coming out big as her hit series “Insecure” draws to a close and is in the middle of its fifth and final season. The actress and producer as well as HBO have teamed up with Glow Up Games to create a new mobile app for fans of the hit series. The free mobile game “Insecure: The Come Up” allows players to enter the realm of Issa and her click along with all the dramas and life issues that the characters face.

“Insecure: The Come Up” was created by the all-female video game studio and allows gamers to build a new life in Los Angeles alongside the characters Issa, Molly, Kelli, Tiffany, Lawrence and Chad, serving as guides adult tourists. Players can move into Issa’s apartment complex, meet the team, and join in on the action. Issa also helps you unlock the power of your mirror to create reflective nursery rhymes or battle friends and foes around LA with a unique new rap-based mini-game.

“At Glow Up Games, our mission is to create innovative game stories that center the joy of Blacks and Browns, and as big fans of“ Insecure ”this couldn’t have been a more perfect place for us. to do just that. I’m proud of the amazing and diverse team that my co-founder Latoya Peterson and I have built together, as we strive to change the video game industry the same way Issa changes Hollywood! Mitu Khandaker, CEO of Glow Up Games, said Forbes.

The Game Preview is available for download from the App Store with content and feature updates slated for throughout 2022.

“I am delighted that The Come Up Game is finally available for fans of ‘Insecure’. Working with the team at Glow Up Games has been a great experience, as they have seamlessly integrated into the world of ‘Insecure’ from its characters, stories and music in a game that allows everyone to relive their favorite moments from the series, ”commented Issa Rae.

Check out some pictures of Insecure: The Approach Game now.

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