How not to eat money and how to talk about finances?

October 21, 2019 0 By admin

Not long ago I talked to one of my readers. At some point, we involuntarily went down about money, specifically the questions “Why do people not want to manage their finances?” .

It is worth paying attention to a certain detail here. It wasn’t that they couldn’t or couldn’t. It was why they didn’t even want to hear about how to manage their finances wisely!

In my humble opinion

This topic is inseparably connected with why money causes so much emotion. I omit the fact that money is often the cause of wars, murders or perverse political plays. In addition, however, in such everyday life they cause jealousy, stress, nervousness, but also euphoria, self-esteem (or lack thereof), and even a contemptuous look at others.

It all comes down to one thing – money is our master and ruler. On how to specifically and technically do to gradually reverse roles I wrote a course-book “How to get financial?” . I cordially encourage you to take advantage of it, and in the meantime I invite you to travel, in which we will try to understand why we have let such a bad situation happen and why money is really important.

Let’s go!

The beginning and evolution of development – what is money really?

Let’s get back to the roots first. Let’s move to the times when our main shelter was a cave. Then the men went out to hunt to survive, and after the hunt they shared their prey with others. Some hunted for mammoths, others for deer, others for fish.

After some time, those who worked all day for deer meat began to exchange with those who specialized in fishing. This is how the so-called “Barter” – that is, simply exchanging one good for another (in this case deer for fish).

At some point, however, people began to notice the weakness of this system – after all, not always the one who had the desired fish had to be in the mood for deer meat? He could fancy a chicken egg. So to get the fish, you had to exchange the deer for eggs with someone else, and then eggs for fish.

You don’t have to be a brilliant analytical mind to notice the weakness of the barter system. So something had to be invented. And people invented. Specifically, the Phoenicians – they called it money. Since then, we do not trade the product for the product (in most cases), but for specific value equivalents. Regardless of whether it is gold, coins, banknotes or digital money it allows us to get new products, experience entertainment, eat, make our dreams come true or help others.

And that’s what it’s all about – all these situations are just a matter of tool. We only need money as tools! This obvious truth would cause a huge change in our lives if we really accepted it. Then we will stop assigning money to properties that they do not have and should not have. Then we will really start to control them. By the way – then we will start to be more enterprising. Because we will start thinking about our lives in the aspect of what is important to us, and money will be only a means to achieve these goals. When we realize what we can really do and what is important to us, getting the right funds to achieve these goals will be completely different than working hard at work we don’t like to increase the amount on the bank account.