HobbyHack Announces First App Release Date

The platform offers an innovative approach for users to learn a hobby like woodworking online.

March 23, 2022 – Plano, Texas – Craftflow Software LLC, dba Hobby Hack, a social learning platform designed to eliminate the need to search for “carpentry lessons near me” or “carpenter lessons near me,” have set a date for the app’s initial release Hobby Hack. After some discussion with our developer partner Codeventures and adding a few key features, we have now set the target date for May 29, 2022. The HobbyHack app is designed to group people with similar skills into small cohorts or “crews”, so that they learn together, help each other and have more fun learning hobbies like woodworking.

“We discovered in the development cycle that the Master Assist feature was incomplete, along with 2 others that were missing, which we felt was essential for our future members to enjoy the app.” Says Dave Ferons, CEO of Craftflow Software. The Master Assist feature is designed to be an Uber-like experience where master carpenters can make themselves available for one-on-one video consultations and for a small fee, other members can request their assistance or simply ask a professional direct questions. Kevin Rodel of Kevin Rodel Furniture and Design Studio, our first master carpenter and part of our design team is very interested in participating in this service.

The HobbyHack app is designed to address the adult learning market by creating a social platform targeting informal adult education, initially targeting the hobby of woodworking. There is a well-defined market that would be very open to this approach. Many of today’s searches such as “woodworking class near me”, “woodworking class near me” and “woodworking shop near me” focus on being in a group and to learn with others who have not been solved with an online approach so far. Many people today have large social networks of friends, relations, followers, or acquaintances, but only a small percentage actually create new, lasting friendships online. Our app is designed to bring people together in small crews, so you have the opportunity to make real connections through shared interests such as hobbies and leverage ongoing education to grow relationships.

About Craftflow Software LLC:

We are a start-up started with the goal of creating not just an app, but a platform to help newcomers to the woodworking field, as well as those who have been in it for a while. Whether our members want to become a woodworking master or simply master a skill, we will have a platform that will make their goals more achievable, achieved faster, have more fun with woodworking, and hopefully will make real friends at the same time. We incorporate features to help all skill levels improve their craft and for the most skilled to earn extra money helping others. The app will eventually branch out into other hobbies, but will focus on woodworking for the initial launch.

About Codeventures:

Codeventures is a co-founding technical investment firm specializing in early and second phase MVP projects. Codeventures selects three companies each year to engage with on an equity basis to form a true partnership. As an investment division of Armia Systems, Codeventures partner projects can be built below market rates while taking advantage of the 250 staff and expertise of a much larger and more diverse team.

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