Good credit history – how to check?

Good credit history – how to check?

November 8, 2019 0 By admin

Everyone can check what data the financial institutions see and whether the information on repayments paid is regular and correct, or verify who asked about your data. Checking can be done for a fee or for free (every customer is entitled to a free report once every six months).

Why is it worth checking your Good credit history?

Why is it worth checking your Good credit history?

  • you can prepare to submit a loan application – what others see about you,
  • you can find out why the bank refused you a loan – are the liabilities paid in a timely manner,
  • you can check whether information about your obligations is properly reported,
  • you can know the payment situation indicators,
  • you can check your score – the higher the score, the better the chances of a loan (the assessment consists of: your credit activity, the frequency of applying, how you pay your liabilities),
  • you will receive advice on which factor significantly reduced the score and how to improve your score,
  • transparent information about your obligations will allow you to quickly assess, e.g. how much credit you have already repaid and whether you service them on time,
  • you can quickly verify when a payment delay has occurred.

How can you download reports to check your credit history at Good?

How can you download reports to check your credit history at Good?

There are 5 ways to download the Good report. Here are some of our tips:


    Once every six months you can download DATA COPY – for free

    Complete the application and send to:

    Biuro Informacji Kredytowej SA
    Ul. Progress 17A
    02-676 Warsaw

    Good sends the DATA COPY report to the correspondence address (provided on the application). The waiting time is about 1 month counting with sending the application. In this case you do not have to create an account in Good. However, if you already have an account at, you can also order this report without sending the application by regular mail.

    1. register at
      1. you will need an email address to receive an activation link
      2. you will need the phone number to receive the verification code
    2. complete the registration form (your ID card will be needed)
    3. you confirm your identity by scanning your ID card (passport or residence card)
    4. you can make an online transfer of PLN 1 to verify your identity. After registering the transfer, you will receive a verification code on the phone number provided in the registration form and you set the login password
    5. if you do not have an account or you cannot make a verification transfer of PLN 1, you can use another form of verification – registered letter . In the return letter from Good, there will be a verification code that you enter after clicking on the activation link that will be sent to you at the email address provided during account registration. After entering the code, you will receive another verification code on the phone number (provided in the registration form) and you set the password to login
    6. after verifying your identity and setting a password, you can order a Good Report
    7. you receive the report in an electronic or interactive form – you can efficiently navigate through many sections
    8. you can download the report and save it as a PDFOPENING AN ACCOUNT IN Good

      To download a report:

  2. You can download a single report for 39 PLN or a promotional package for 99 PLN .

    What does this promotional package contain?


    • 12 reports in 1 year
    • Good indicator showing your status
    • Good alerts – alerts come to the phone every time someone asks for your data
    • a credit caveat stating that you do not want to receive loans
    • provision of identity documents – with one click you can exclude from circulation a document that you have e.g. lost