Gift wrap craft ideas for after Christmas



By Siandhara Bonnet


Sometimes at the end of Christmas morning people end up with a bunch of

gift wrap.

Of course, people can throw it away and add it to their trash (unless they have purchased biodegradable paper or paper that creases easily, in which case recycle).

However, for those in the spirit of waste, here are some ideas for reusing paper regardless of condition:

  1. Origami: If the paper is in better condition, cut out a few squares and use it for the art of paper folding. The creations can be used as decorations, ornaments for the next week or in the future (and the printing on the front of the paper will give the origami a bit of pop). However, traditional origami paper is a bit stronger than wrapping paper, so be careful. The SpruceCrafts The website has 10 Christmas origami ideas, including Christmas trees, cards, boxes, and cookies, but prepared for certain difficulties.

  2. Envelopes: While postal mail is slowly becoming a thing of the past, there’s nothing quite like receiving a handwritten note and sending it in a hand-made envelope (and grandparents will love it). Even if poppy shows how to make small envelopes, it also works for larger ones.

  3. Cards: A letter has to be written on something, so why not use the rest of this paper? Although it should be lined with notebook or printer paper, people may be in awe of your one-of-a-kind greeting or thank you cards.

  4. Confetti: Use a hole punch or shredder or tear it up yourself. Sure, it’ll be fun and colorful, but make sure you don’t leave it outside in case it doesn’t biodegrade.

  5. Box stuffing: Rather than using newspapers (as many often do), store fragile items with old wrapping paper. It can be used as is or shredded for that extra cushion.

  6. Use it to line up … well … everything: The more beautiful the paper, the more beautiful it will be, but it can be used to line drawers, shelves, trays, frames, walls, doors … A simple decoration trick to bring everyday objects to the level superior.

  7. Garlands: These can be as complex or as simple as people want. Use it for paper chains, cut it to make paper balls Where hanging loops.

  8. Book covers: Keeping track of dust jackets can sometimes be a task, or sometimes used hardback books don’t come with theirs. Use the paper to protect the books and give them a little extra pizzazz – and, so, no one can really judge it by its cover if they all use the same paper.

  9. Cut out snowflakes: Again, this can be as complex or simple as you want. Instructables has a simple tutorial on their website for cutting snowflakes. Just be careful not to cut the connection link.

  10. Reuse it: The wrapping paper does not need to be used once. Store it with the rest of the gift wrapping material and finish it until next year.


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