Fun and Easy Craft Ideas for Wholesale Kids Clothes

Fun and Easy Craft Ideas for Wholesale Kids Clothes


If you are looking for a fun activity with your children, there is no shortage of clever ideas. However, many of these ideas can require lots of supplies, which can quickly get expensive and clutter up your DIY closet.

Plus, even though you and your little ones love all of their beautiful, creative artwork, you may feel like you don’t have space to display them all! The simple solution? Wearable works of art that your little ones have created themselves.

Whether you have a toddler, teens, or middle-aged kids, there are fun ways to make wholesale kids clothes for the whole family.

Tips to remember when wholesale children’s clothing

Before breaking up paint, stain, or other materials, it’s essential to make sure you’re taking the proper steps to keep your kids safe while crafting.

  1. While older children may be able to dye shirts themselves, little ones will need an extra hand.
  2. It’s also a good idea to take a pair of goggles, gloves, or other safety tools to protect your children’s hands and eyes from any harsh chemicals or dyes. This extra protection will help ease your worries, so you can maximize the fun! If you’d rather not worry about it, there are plenty of kid-safe stains and paints you can opt for.
  3. If the weather permits, try crafting outside on the sidewalk. Otherwise, remember to use newspaper or another layer to protect counters and surfaces from accidental spills.

With these helpful tips in mind, you’re ready to start crafting! Here are some fun and easy wholesale kids clothing craft ideas.

Tie Dye

Tie-dye is a classic sartorial craft that everyone is sure to love. There’s no shortage of different designs you can choose from – and you can get creative with one or as many colors as you like!

Whether your kids want to dye bulk white t-shirts or a pack of socks, they can have fun creating colorful wearable works of art.

Are you looking for bolder colors when dyeing? Mix white vinegar with water for an extra dose of color!

whitening pens

Bleach pens are a great way for your kids to put a creative spin on colorful clothes! Whitening pens are available at almost any store for just a few dollars.

Plus, it’s fun for them to see how bleach affects different colors of wholesale children’s clothing fabric. Experiment with different shades of wholesale t-shirts and see how the designs turn out.

Get creative with hand shapes

Want to make a craft with your kids that doubles as a keepsake you can keep? Be crafty with child-safe acrylic paints and cover your child’s hands with a thin layer. Then, press his hand on the t-shirt. Then you can use a brush and add other elements around your hand to complete the design.

Some patterns you could make with their hands are:

  • Heart
  • Turkey
  • Reindeer
  • fish in the ocean
  • Sun

There is no shortage of designs you could make!

You can also have your little ones use their fingerprints to create shapes, like a colorful rainbow or a bouquet of flowers.

Freehand Puff Painting

Puff paint is a great way to create textured designs on wholesale children’s clothing. So whether it’s a t-shirt, sweatpants, or a hoodie, your kids can create their creations with puff paint.

As an added tip, have your children first draw the design you want in pencil on the fabric and then cover it with paint. Therefore, help them when it’s time to bring their favorite design to life.

Use stencils for clever words and designs

Whether you use puff paint, fabric markers, bleach pens, or another medium, you can pair it with stencils and have your kids create a personalized t-shirt or other piece of clothing.

Print out a picture of their favorite character, the first letter of their name, or pick up a pack of stencils from the store. Then stick it on a t-shirt, shorts or other garment, and let your kids have fun filling in the design!

This activity is a great way to customize affordable wholesale kids clothes and keep your kids entertained for the afternoon. They will be delighted to wear shorts with their favorite animal on the front or a t-shirt with the first letter of their name.

Try a tie-dye twist

Want a less messy alternative to traditional tie-dye? All you need is a packet of colored permanent markers and some rubbing alcohol.

Have your kids create whatever clever design they want. Next, place a few drops of rubbing alcohol on the design, causing the marker to smear across the fibers of the shirt, creating a beautiful tye-dye-like design!

For another twist, instead of the traditional plain white tees, try dyeing a hoodie from Bella + Canvas or a pair of sweatpants to take the tie-dye fun to the next level.

Get geometric with tape

Have your kids create their stripe pattern on a shirt. You can use any masking tape you have around the house, but masking tape, duct tape, and painter’s tape may stick to fabric better.

Let your kids have fun crossing tape to create triangles, squares, trapezoids and other shapes in their geometric patterns. Then, get them to get creative with fabric paint, permanent markers, or another type of fabric paint or dye!

Have fun with wholesale kids clothing craft ideas

Whether you’re looking for a way to entertain your kids on a rainy day or get them excited about a portable craft, there’s no shortage of different art projects you and your little ones can do together.

Many of these ideas require minimal materials and any wholesale blank clothing you have or find in the store. So let your kids enjoy the creativity and fun that comes with wearing their artwork, no matter what age they are!

Fun and Easy Craft Ideas for Wholesale Kids Clothes

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