Fall Equinox: 9 Brilliant Seasonal Craft Ideas Kids Will Love

The leaves are starting to turn, the nights are coming and the air is getting colder… The autumnal equinox (September 22) means the new season has officially arrived, and if you’re looking for ways to entertain the kids now that summer is over, you’re in luck.

There are plenty of fantastic DIY projects that celebrate the Halloween and hibernation season, and they’re easy to make using natural materials and a few essential art supplies…

A lovely addition to the dining table in the fall, large leaves in red and gold hues can be used as place cards by drawing in names with a black or white permanent marker. Half the fun of this project is walking around and competing to see who can find the biggest, prettiest leaves.


With just a balloon, string, newspaper, glue and paint, you can create wonderfully realistic looking papier-mâché pumpkins – just make sure you don’t leave them out in the rain! Follow this how-to video for a how-to guide.

Another clever way to use dead leaves is to create spooky ghost decorations by painting the leaves with white paint, letting them dry, then adding faces with a black marker.

Wrap cardboard human-shaped cutouts with white yarn, add googly eyes, and you have a yarn mummy. String a bunch together to create a Halloween garland.

Decorate your front door with this fall alternative to a festive wreath. You can use colored kraft paper or paint your own sheets of paper – follow this step-by-step guide from Happiness is Homemade.

With some careful cutting (with adult supervision, of course), you can turn a paper plate into a pointy hedgehog, ready to paint or color in with crayons.

The possibilities are endless with this simple yet fun idea. Pick up the fallen acorns, bake them at about 100C for about two hours (to kill the bugs and dry them out), let them cool, then get your paints and brushes. You can use neon or rainbow colors, metallic gold or silver, or turn your tassels into Halloween pumpkins or ghosts with cartoon faces.

Turn delicious lollipops into eight-legged arachnids with just a few black pipe cleaners and a pair of googly eyes.

Save empty glass jars of different sizes, wrap them in white bandages (use craft glue to secure the ends) and stick googly eyes on them to create a family of mummy lanterns that look even scarier when you put flameless LED tea light candles inside.

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