Easter DIY Ideas: 10 Stylish Easter Crafts

You don’t need to think Easter craft ideas aren’t fancy – lollipop bunnies or cupcake chicks – ours are for adults only because we think Easter + crafts can give quite the finishing touches sophisticated.

From table decorations to a fancy wreath that will last beyond Easter, these Easter craft projects are super easy — and they come with just a few simple steps. None will take you long to create, for many you may already have the ingredients you need – and all of them we think you’ll be okay with looking good.

For more Easter decorations – many of which involve very little effort for huge impact – don’t miss our dedicated gallery.

Easter craft ideas

These are just a few of our favorite Easter craft ideas – but we’ll keep adding them, so be sure to check back for more inspiration.

1. Make a display of decorated Easter eggs

Easter decoration ideas

(Image credit: Dan Duchars/Future)

This Easter DIY idea is one of our favorites.

1. Empty the eggs – try to open them about two-thirds open.

2. Rinse the inside of the eggs with water and allow to dry.

3. Decorate the eggs – with paint, transfers, stencils or stickers.

4. Lay out, pour a little water and carefully place the seasonal flowers.

We have step-by-step instructions for making this Easter centerpiece.

2. Make an Easter Basket

Easter craft ideas

(Image credit: Dan Duchars/Future)

This simple Easter craft idea can be put together in moments. A vintage-style metal basket, or a traditional wicker version, is perfect for bulbs and other seasonal treats. You can even use them for egg hunts and then decorate them as a pretty backdrop.

1. Arrange a mound of brioche mousse and quail eggs with a sprig of wax flower.

2. A hyacinth bulb in the moss will gradually bloom.

3. For a sweet treat, swap quail eggs for chocolate.

Baskets and vintage cutlery, for a similar essay on eBay. Towel, Nordic House. Plates, Sainsbury’s. Cake plate, Sophie Conran for Portmeirion

3. Make an Easter tree

Easter decoration ideas

(Image credit: Dan Duchars/Future)

An Easter tree adds charm, color and seasonal flair for spring. Cover the papier-mâché eggs with a wash of paint – use leftover paint from a decorating project, mixed with a little water.

1. Coat the base with PVA glue and dip it in a cup of eco-friendly glitter, tapping off any excess.

2. Glue small feathers and dried flowers as additional decoration and leave to dry.

3. Hang and display the finished eggs on gathered fodder twigs cut to fit a vase or jug.

4. Make an Easter garden

Easter craft ideas

(Image credit: Dan Duchars/Future)

An Easter craft idea can live beyond the holidays. An Easter garden can live indoors and if the weather is wet – as it often is at Easter – it’s a wonderful way to bring greenery indoors.

1. To create this arrangement, first take some well-basted bread mousse and top the plates with spaced mounds.

2. Insert succulents into the spaces between the moss, then make depressions and nest different types of eggs in them.

3. Cover the holes in the greenery with dried daisies.

4. Finally, drape ivy trails around the edges.

5. To keep daisies fresh, remove them and spray them with water, wait until they are dry and then replace them.

Towel, Nordic House. Vintage cake stand, for a similar try on eBay. Plates, Sainsbury’s. Dried Daisies, Atlas Flowers

5. Prepare your way to a beautiful look

Easter decoration ideas

(Image credit: Future / Kasia Fiszer / Styling Pippa Blenkinsop)

Easter recipes are an integral part of Easter crafting, and you can embellish spring baked goods with crystallized edible flowers.

1. To make them, separate the white from an egg and put it in a small bowl. White caster sugar is traditionally used; a handy tip is to blend the sugar with a mixer for an extra-thin coating.

2. Using a fine brush, gently paint the egg white over both sides of the edible flowers and gently sprinkle with sugar. Shake off the excess and place it on a parchment-lined baking sheet to dry.

They will last a few weeks stored in an airtight container. Not all flowers are edible and even varieties that can be grown using pesticides make them unsafe to eat, so always be sure to go to an edible flower specialist.

6. Make an Easter Centerpiece

Easter craft ideas

(Image credit: Dan Duchars/Future)

Easter table decorations can be used anywhere around the house, as entryway table decoration ideas or as an Easter centerpiece. This handcrafted Easter arrangement is beautiful all year round; simply add quail eggs to make an Easter centerpiece.

1. Place tree bark on a tray – we used a slate tile – and dress it with mounds of bread moss secured with a hot glue gun.

2. To create the eggshell candle holder, carefully remove the top of the shell, clean it and fill it with foam. Insert a tealight candle inside.

7. Wrap chocolate eggs in fabric

Easter decoration ideas

(Image credit: Future/Carolyn Barber)

Want an almost effortless Easter DIY idea? You can easily personalize store-bought Easter eggs with pretty fabric.

1. Take them out of their cardboard packaging and wrap them in tissue.

2. Use scraps finished with pinking shears, or even vintage scarves.

8. Make an Easter table

Easter craft ideas

(Image credit: Dan Duchars/Future)

This cute Easter craft table setting is so easy to make – and it looks so cute!

1. To make a bunny ear towel roll, fold it in half, corner to corner, to create a triangle.

2. Roll from the widest edge to the center corner.

3. With the point down, pull the two ends to meet and tie a quarter of the way from the bottom.

4. Place on a plate, insert an egg, feathers and flowers, and shape to look like ears.

Placemat and napkin, Nordic House. Cutlery, Amara. Plates, Sainsbury’s. Dried Daisies, Atlas Flowers

9. Make a seasonal wreath

Easter craft ideas

(Image credit: Dan Duchars/Future)

Easter wreath ideas can range from overtly Easter themed to more subtle styles, like the one above.

This spring wreath was made with both dried flowers and fresh cut foliage, using bent twigs as a frame – it’s so easy to recreate at home with finds from your own garden.

Our guide on how to make a living spring wreath – in four easy steps.

10. Make an Easter flower arrangement

Easter craft ideas

(Image credit: Dan Duchars/Future)

This simple Easter craft idea can be used to decorate your Easter dining table, windowsills, mantels, or as something beautiful to look at on a home work desk. It’s easy to recreate and the mix of fresh and dried flowers also brings a modern twist to the Easter flower arrangement.

1. To make, carefully place and position the eggs – try a mixture of hen and quail – inside a glass vase.

2. Using seasonal flowers, dried flowers and grasses, wedge the stems between the eggs. Narrow, straight stems will facilitate this.

3. Remove and replace fresh flowers as needed or choose flowers that dry gracefully over time.

4. When the eggs approach their expiration date, they can be collected and eaten!

11. Make a Bunny Coffee Pot Warmer

Easter Craft Ideas with a Felt Bunny Teapot Warmer Carolyn Barber

(Image credit: Future/Carolyn Barber)

Keep the coffee piping hot with an adorable handmade coffee pot warmer.

1. It’s easy to make by folding a piece of felt in half and cutting out your bunny pattern.

2. Sew from the neck up at the back and round at the base at the front, leaving the back free so it’s easy to slip over your hot pot.

3. Sew a pom pom and snap to the base at the back to make it easy to hold in place.

12. Hang paper egg decorations from branches

Easter Egg Craft Ideas With Tree Carolyn Barber

(Image credit: Future/Carolyn Barber)

The spring flower decorated with birds and hung with colorful paper eggs makes a whimsical Easter tree. Pick the twigs yourself – willow is a great choice because it is shiny and malleable.

What crafts can I do for Easter?

Your Easter craft ideas can range from elegant table decorations, floral arrangements and wreaths, made with natural materials such as flower branches, fresh spring flowers and blown eggshells, to to cute bunnies and chicks, perfect for kids.

“It’s really about how you like to celebrate the occasion and your personal style,” says Andrea Childs, editor-in-chief of Country houses and interiors magazine. ‘Don’t feel like you have to stick to one look. You can organize a party for the children and an Easter egg hunt, with homemade Easter baskets and painted papier-mâché eggs, followed by an Easter lunch for family and friends, with a beautifully decorated table .

For sustainable and eco-responsible Easter decoration ideas, consider natural materials, picked and found. “Paper cups and cardboard egg cartons, woolen pompoms and colored cardboard are perfect for children’s creations,” explains Andréa. “For your grown-up crafts, gather twigs, eggshells, flowers, moss, and rocks to create Easter gardens, centerpieces, and flower arrangements.”

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