Draw your bottom line with this one-time payment design app

A good graphic design app can save professional and budding artists time, money, and unnecessary stress. Drawtify Online Vector Graphic Editor is an intuitively designed app with no learning curve and a lifetime subscription, and it’s on sale for $79.99 (usually $899) for lifetime.

Vector graphics editor for Mac and Windows

The design process doesn’t have to be more difficult because of the software you use. Drawtify is an easy-to-use vector graphics design app that gives you professional-looking results, but doesn’t require a year of study to understand.

With Drawtify, you have a menu of powerful tools to choose from that simplify the composition process. You can use drawing tools like pen and pencil to create quick shapes. And take advantage of other smart tools to draw smooth, consistent shapes every time.

You can create designs from the Asset Library, allowing you to plug and play functional design elements. And you get other standard design tools like color, gradient, and image manipulation. A 4.5 star review on G2 called it “great tool for vector graphics“, which happens to be one of the most common types of graphics in the design industry.

The filters included with Drawtify allow you to add movement and life to any design. You’ll get up to 27 basic movement instructions that allow items to move along a path, fade, blink, rotate, and a few other little flavor animations. You get a similar set of 14 for text. Combine them with an animation app like this, and you’re a unique art studio!

If you want to edit photos and create assets from existing image files, Drawtify has a whole menu of options to choose from. You get the standard image filters which alter saturation, contrast, brightness and more. You can also go in and add or edit shadows, highlights, glows, and other lighting changes that can change the feel of a room with just a few clicks.

Save on Drawtify

With just one payment, this Drawtify deal gives you a fantastic graphic design tool for life. To have Drawtify Online Vector Graphics Editor: Lifetime Subscription while it’s on sale for $79.99 (usually $899).

Prices subject to change.

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