DIY Book The Cardboard Bible Aims To Promote Personal Creativity And Innovation Through Unique Home Recycling Concepts



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The Cardboard Bible is a self-published, 112-page color manual featuring five detailed, step-by-step crafts that can be made by anyone from scrap cardboard, glue, and basic household materials. The unique cardboard concepts showcased in the first edition include a living room C-shaped table, a transforming sword with endless combination possibilities, an ab-roller exercise machine, a working treadmill, and a foosball table. The book provides tips on what types of cardboard to use, where to get plentiful amounts of free cardboard, and the benefits of recycling scrap materials into these useful home furnishings.

The Cardboard Bible is intended to be part of a larger global recycling trend promoting the reuse of materials typically destined for landfills. Although regional recycling programs help recycle materials like cardboard and plastics, all too often these materials become regular household garbage. With an uncertain global economy still struggling and household incomes stagnant, reusing materials like cardboard, wood and plastic in innovative ways can prove to be beneficial not only for the environment, but also for paperbacks. family households.

“The idea of ​​this book is to take free and abundant material that is usually wasted and challenge people to challenge themselves to create amazing useful products from the comfort of home,” Nuwame said. “Cardboard is the most useful building material that everyone on earth has access to and it’s time to use it in ways that provide greater personal benefits beyond housing disposables and then throwing them away. ”

Nuwame has carved out a niche for cardboard creativity on YouTube by posting craft videos to its Homemade Game Guru channel that feature entertaining DIY quirks including a functioning cardboard above ground pool, cardboard exercise equipment , comic book crafts and home furnishings. His videos have been viewed over 5 million times and won a 2008 Award for Innovation and a 2009 World Record from the World Records Academy.

The Cardboard Bible is available for $ 19.99 on To coincide with the current Canadian election, The Cardboard Bible is being promoted using a humorous YouTube video for a factious cardboard liberation party from Canada.

The book itself is aimed at a global audience. Of United States To Germany To China, if a reader has access to the cardboard, The Cardboard Bible will help showcase the beginnings of creative possibilities.

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