Dating app says niche hobbies and interests are booming

Bumble, the female-focused dating app, has discovered a burgeoning new trend of showcasing niche interests within the dating scene – from traditionalist hobbies discovered during lockdown to unconventional competitive sports .

New research from Bumble reveals that more than half (51%) of singles say photos that reveal a skill in a sport or interesting activity would spark a conversation – while the least popular things to feature in Profile pics are gym selfies (60%), pouty expressions (57%, photos that appear to crop an ex (53%) and photos that reveal a messy bedroom (43%).

With hobby-based photos scoring high, Bumble identified a growing desire for partners who are unwaveringly passionate about their niche interests, with nearly 1 in 4 (22%) saying they have a hobby. unique time trumps other desirability factors when it comes to finding the perfect partner, beating the likes of knowing multiple languages ​​and being good at DIY. In fact, half of Britons agree that having a passion for a sport or activity can even lead to being a more passionate partner in general.

Unusual “hipster hobbies” are undoubtedly having a moment; notably a viral TikTok star recently charmed the nation with his love of locomotives, leading to a third (32%) of Gen Z more willing to date a trainspotter than before. Similarly, 29% of 25-34 year olds said they would love to have a knitting partner, after being inspired by one of the UK’s most famous Olympic divers.

To help those looking for love create a dating profile that shows off their best side, Bumble is launching Bumble Shoots, a unique photography experience for Bumble daters.

Bumble Shoots will be free and offer daters the chance to be captured doing the activity they love the most – whether it’s striking a complex yoga pose or doing tricks on a skateboard. casters.

This follows Bumble dating trends in 2022, which predicted a boom in leisure dating; a perfect opportunity for new daters to impress their partner with epic new skills learned in lockdown. Additionally, Bumble’s interest badge data reveals that sport is among the three most popular badges posted on profiles, revealing that UK daters are keen to find partners who share their passion for sport.

Additionally, to champion all the niche activities that are currently trending, Bumble is launching seven new interest badges, coming soon to the app; including trainspotting, knitting, parkour, frisbee, beekeeping, etc.

Bumble Sex & Relationships expert Dr Caroline West says, “Dating, especially in the beginning, is about finding things to connect on and understanding who the other person is. Your photos are an opportunity to reflect who you are, what you like and what you are looking for. For example, a hiking photo might highlight your love of the outdoors, a particularly challenging accomplishment, or signal that you prioritize fitness and wellness. Portraying what makes you happy is key to finding an authentic connection, and by highlighting your unique interests and passions, you give people an easy conversation starter.”

Naomi Walkland, Bumble’s Head of UK & Ireland, said: “So far 2022 has been a year of discovery for dating, and we’ve seen people on Bumble look for new ways to show who they are and how they hang out.We identified a hobby dating trend earlier this year and have now added some cool new sports and hobbies badges to the app, including trainspotting and knitting which are new hobbies we’ve seen emerge from the pandemic. People on Bumble can still choose from old favorites, like skateboarding, that speak to the return of millennial culture. By launching new badges, we hope users of Bumble will feel able to show off even their most eccentric interests.”

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