Crackem app helps promote black-owned breweries at Barrel and Flow Fest

Aubrey Perry, CEO of Crackem

There are more than 9,000 small independent craft breweries in the country, and less than 1% are black-owned. In support of small businesses and the black community, mobile application Crackem has officially partnered with America’s premier black arts and crafts brewing festival to celebrate and raise awareness of black-owned breweries and industry influencers at the upcoming Barrel and Flow Fest.

Crackem is this year’s sponsor Barrel and Flow Festivalto be held August 12-14 along Pittsburgh’s historic Strip District.

“At Crackem, we think it’s important to be able to provide an extra level of support to the beer industry,” says Aubrey Perry, CEO of Crackem. “Through our outreach, we are committed to supporting beer drinkers and making sure they know about breweries owned and operated by people of color.”

Crackem’s marketing and app consulting services are designed to add value by empowering beer business owners and the Black community. An app subscription offers multiple money-saving incentives and rewards to brewery customers. The app also displays the breweries closest to the user’s location, with drive-through navigation, takeout options, online ordering sites, and links to view beer menus.

Barrel and Flow is America’s premier black arts and crafts brewing festival. Voted by USA TODAY as one of America’s favorite festivals and the second best brewing festival, Barrel and Flow offers a celebration of music, food, culture and beer, in the heart of Pittsburg. Founded by award-winning comedian, entrepreneur and podcaster, Day Bracey, this year’s lineup features a welcoming festival environment that showcases black breweries, artists, small businesses and industry influencers.

Returning for its fifth year, the 2022 Barrel and Flow Fest lineup includes a roster of more than 30 black-owned breweries from across the country, 150 vendors, 55 collaborative breweries and 7 bands, performing on two artist stages live visuals.

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