Blue Circle, an Industry Specific Networking App for Senior Executives – A World First in India



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· The app has already seen more than 5000 members; expects to have over 100,000 members by next year
· Activated more than 50,000 connections to date
Offers an exclusive community that aims to improve the quality of dialogue and opportunities between leaders, decision-makers and influencers

New Delhi, November 8, 2021: Blue Circle, a professional industry networking platform for senior executives, launches its mobile application.

The app offers targeted content, communities and conversations across 20 industries, and brings together decision makers to share industry-specific opportunities. It was designed to solve the chronic clutter of irrelevant connections, content, and opportunities that senior leaders endure. It provides these leaders with an exclusive platform to connect with their industry peers in a targeted manner.

The 20 communities on the app are electric mobility, energy, healthcare, logistics, real estate, aerospace and defense, as well as agriculture and food processing, automotive components, BFSI, chemicals, education, hospitality and tourism, IT, infrastructure, metals and mining, media and advertising, retail and consumer goods, talent research and development, telecommunications and textiles.

Besides having prominent leaders from India on the platform, the app is already witnessing the traction of world leaders from countries such as the United States, Germany, Singapore and Australia.

Set to soon become one of the largest networks for senior executives in the world, the single platform has already acquired more than 5,000 high-profile users and enabled more than 50,000 impactful connections. Notable Blue Circle users include Naveen Munjal (MD, Hero Electric), Gautam Khanna (CEO, Hinduja Hospital), Rakesh Malhotra (Founder, Livquard / SAR Group), Ram Gopal (CEO, Barclays) and Arvind Mehra (ED and CEO, Mahindra Aerospace). True to its growth trajectory, Blue Circle expects to register more than 100,000 users by the end of 2022.

Designed by Siddharth Anand (Founder & CEO) and Goutam Anand (Co-Founder), Blue Circle started in 2017 as an exclusive offline network for senior leaders from all industries. They have hosted over a hundred physical and virtual events and have enabled thousands of connections. They realized the importance of focused connections and at the same time the need to learn from adjacent sectors.

A lot of information of this type has become the ingredients allowing the duo to design the application and develop the business. The app provides senior leaders with an organized and credible platform for exchanging opportunities and information, with others who are mature for such interactions. Leaders will no longer have to invest the limited time they have in an unproductive sifting routine. Those who matter and who matter quickly come together on the app.

Founder and CEO Siddharth Anand said, “Over the years, we have understood the challenges senior leaders face in our engagements and have created Blue Circle to provide a clutter-free and organized environment that helps generate meaningful connections, conversations and opportunities. “

He added, “With Blue Circle’s access to the expertise of thousands of remarkable business leaders, we aim to play a pivotal role in fueling the growth of each of these sectors and helping them reorient themselves to the realities. changing. We aim to be the premier platform for the exchange of information and opportunities between peers in the world and are truly overwhelmed with the response from the community.

Blue Circle has already raised an undisclosed amount as part of a series of seed funding from well-known industry leaders,

Pavan Choudary and Raghavan Govindan.

Commenting on the launch, Blue Circle investor and director Raghavan Govindan, an IIM-A alumnus who has trained large companies across all industries, said, “My investment in Blue Circle fully validates my belief that ‘It responds to a real networking problem which executives like me face knowing. being bombarded with irrelevant connections and getting spammed with platitudinal content overload. Blue Circle’s problem-solving construct constructs a solution, strategically, elegantly, and relentlessly.

I am confident in the ability of Siddharth and his team to create a world class product for leaders around the world. I expect another benefit due to polymath Pavan Choudary’s mentorship and range and quality of thinking across industries.

The Blue Circle app is available for iOS and Android devices.

About Blue Circle

Blue Circle is an industry-specific professional networking platform for senior executives, a world first in India. The platform provides targeted content, communities and conversations across 20 sectors, bringing decision makers together to exchange sector perspectives. The community already has over 5,000+ senior leaders as members and over 50,000 connections enabled to date. To learn more, please visit:



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