BILDIT Officially Launches a Fully Customizable Native Mobile App Development Platform Demystifying the Trend of Progressive Web Apps

BILDIT finds a development “sequel” to retain consumers and increase conversions by 25% with a simple, affordable and secure mobile commerce application

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, USA, August 30, 2022 / — BILDIT, already the leading native mobile app development platform purpose-built for retail and branded e-commerce, today announced its official launch. BILDIT’s suite of fully customizable features creates immersive and personalized native mobile e-commerce app experiences that can increase conversions by 25%. The company already has an impressive list of customers, including Forever 21 and Belk, among others, as well as partners, Astound Commerce and Radius Networks.

“While it might seem like every retailer has one, only the top 5% of retail companies in the world have native e-commerce mobile apps, which drive 10% to 15% more sales than websites,” says Matt Hudson, CEO and co-founder of BILDIT. “We launched BILDIT to lower the barrier to entry by making fully native m-commerce applications ultra-accessible and ultra-affordable for a wider range of retailers.”

Adoption of native m-commerce apps has lagged behind web development because:

– While retailers have several options when choosing a web development solution for their e-commerce sites; there are no affordable, fast, and secure options for native mobile app development.

– M-commerce requires IT teams experienced in iOS and Android app development, as well as web development.
Until now, m-commerce application development has been extremely expensive and time-consuming for all but the largest retailers.

– Progressive Web Apps have advantages, but performance limitations, lack of a true app experience, and other limitations on iOS. “No code” is restrictive and does not allow true customization of application development. Few options offer easy pre-built native apps that still allow developers to make granular coding changes.

Despite this, native apps have higher conversion rates, don’t require repeated client logins, and are faster, more secure, and more reliable than third-party apps. BILDIT is a game-changer for native mobile app development by solving the cost, speed, and security issues that have held this industry back. BILDIT can be used as a quick turnkey solution for native app development or allow users to fully customize their app to make it their own. By partnering with e-commerce development giants such as Salesforce, ShopifyPlus, SAP, Magento and BigCommerce, BILDIT helps customers harness the power of native apps to deliver a premium shopping experience to customers and retailers the flexibility to grow quickly.

“Both at Amazon, our team recognized on digital shopping platforms that for every 100ms of additional page load, it was costing the company 1% in revenue,” Ryan Terry, president and co-founder of BILDIT. “If you are a medium to large scale, this is an unacceptable KPI. BILDIT is built with speed in mind. By building world-class functionality in advance, all companies in e-commerce need to think about personalizing their brand.

Find the “Suite” dev spot

BILDIT allows users to rebuild existing applications or start from scratch using a full suite of features, including:

BILDIT CMS: Enabling marketing and sales teams to easily create and manage their own mobile content reduces reliance on front-end developers. With BILDIT’s CMS, customers can create and store all the app’s promotions, banners, images, carousels and interactive content in one place, manage products and categories, easily schedule banners and new content, manage multiple versions of an app, see changes in real time, and manage remotely across platforms.

BILDIT’s App Clip SDK: Retailers can quickly implement App Clips into their app’s UI. With an App Clip, consumers can view products and make purchases by scanning a QR code, barcode, or clicking a special web link. It also allows customers to seamlessly upgrade to the full app experience and allows the retailer to test new app features before full implementation.

BILDIT Sample App: A fully-designed sample app makes it easy for retailers to adapt it to their brand or project. The sample app includes pre-built product detail pages, secure and fast-loading point-of-sale pages, native checkout, and full customization.

Native BILDIT checkout: one-finger one-step checkout removes barriers to purchase and builds customer loyalty. With BILDIT’s Native Checkout app, content loads faster, navigation is easier, data is more secure, and customers enjoy a premium shopping experience.

“Think of the convenience of ordering through your favorite phone apps, and you’ll see why huge mobile retailers are crushing everyone. They designed these apps to live on our phones because they know mobile shoppers are loyal and they spend more,” says Hudson. “We took the time to create a premium mobile app development platform so that the hard work was already done, cutting development time and costs in half for our customers, while providing the same kind of ease and convenience that consumers expect. .”

The full BILDIT suite works on both iPhone and Android phones for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. For more information, visit


BILDIT is a game-changer for e-merchants building native mobile apps by solving the cost, speed and security issues that have plagued this industry. BILDIT creates native apps that give customers a premium shopping experience and retailers the flexibility to grow quickly. BILDIT’s suite of fully customizable features creates immersive and personalized native mobile e-commerce app experiences that can increase conversions by 25%. Major e-commerce retail brands are already taking advantage of BILDIT, including Forever 21 and Belk, as well as partners, Astound Commerce and Radius Networks. Visit

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