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The wine and hospitality industry has seen something of a makeover over the years of rejuvenation thanks to telephone technology and the speed, quality and diversity it offers. But this revival has not come without a list of the latest demands from shoppers, especially millennials. They demand a premium user experience. They want the right things in terms of membership, payment or a variety of options. They want their app to have a social facet. And they’d like their apps to have that little something extra, that “secret ingredient” that sets them apart, whether it’s a special suggestion, unique mod approaches, or other creative solutions. How did manufacturing respond to these needs and wants? With style.

Below are the best restaurant apps that score in terms of membership, user experience, ease of use, and functionality. There are catering apps for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as all entertainment, snacks, midnight snacks, and desserts. If you feel a tidal wave of culinary inspiration coming your way, you can download separate cookbooks and recipes from professional chefs, stars, and amateurs.

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Drinking is first and foremost a social activity, so why shouldn’t it have its own social network? The aptly titled Untappd gives booze hunters and beer snobs the ability to track their drink choices for the night, with a geotagging feature that friends can track. Untappd stays up to date with the latest and greatest beers hitting the market or what’s trending at a local bar, giving you beer reviews, photos and personalized recommendations based on your personal tastes.

You can create wishlists of beers you’d like to try, then sign up on Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. You can even find out where to find a specific craft beer and there are badges you can unlock to try out different styles and beers. Let’s be honest: few apps praise and reward your drinking habits quite like Untappd.


Tasty is a recipe app designed for visual learners. The app was created by Buzzfeed and soon after Tasty launched, the videos went viral! The tasty app combines traditional recipe collections with short, catchy, and beautiful instructional videos that the internet loves.

Find and save recipes you like or want to try, then come back later and watch the how-to video! Each recipe comes with a list of ingredients as well as step-by-step instructions. Watch the video in its entirety or break it down into instructional steps.

cocktail stream

You can browse recipes and search by alcohol/drinks you currently have at home. You will then receive suggestions on what you can do with your choices. It’s fine if the business shuts down without warning or if you just don’t feel like buying any more items.

As mentioned, there are some very nice cocktail images waiting for you to give you presentation ideas. Buying tips are here to help you choose the ingredients that will give you the most bang for your buck when it comes to mixing drinks.


If you’re a hesitant drinker suggested by wine lists, there’s always Lush. The app dispenses with esoteric names and instead categorizes drinks based on flavor profiles. Want something nutty? Lush has a collection of cocktails that fit that description. Prefer a little mint? Lush has them too. The app also filters drinks based on ingredients and offers rotating editorial lists suitable for all occasions, for example, B. “Girls’ Night Out” and “Lunch”.

You can also select your favorite drinks on the fly and view a stylized chart as you mix to illustrate common mixology ratios. “Using Lush is like talking to a bartender with 20 years of experience,” says Lush’s description on the iTunes Store. We can’t help but agree.


ChefTap is the only app that can automatically cut recipes from any website. ChefTap takes recipes from any website and saves them to its own permanent archive so you’ll never lose another recipe again. Do you have a favorite food blog? No problem! ChefTap will also clip these recipes and give you a link to the original post in case you want to refer to it. See a recipe you like on Pinterest? Just share the pin or the entire board with ChefTap, we’ll take care of the rest.

ChefTap helps users organize and grow their online recipe collection from almost any website. When it’s time to cook, ChefTap displays recipes in an easy-to-read format on phones and tablets. You can even search millions of recipes on the web and save them to your collection without ever leaving the app.


After a major overhaul, the Google-powered Zagat Android app continues its search for Yelp in its area of ​​mobile-friendly business and restaurant reviews. One thing it has going for it is its respectable rating system, which is divided into three categories: food, decor, and service. For me, this system is superior to a single star like Yelp. But despite this advantage, Zagat still has work to do if it hopes to supplant the current leader in space.

To get started with Zagat, you no longer need to sign in with a Google+ account, which should be a relief for Zagat fans who were initially reluctant to use the mobile app. Now you just need to choose a location from the list on the home screen to get started. Of course, the bad thing is that this list is limited.


Yelp’s core service of providing in-depth business information and reviews is nothing short of remarkable, and its free mobile apps, including the Android app reviewed here, put exactly the right details in your hands when you’re on the go. shift. You can quickly search for shops and restaurants, find out if a business is currently open or closed, get directions to the site, see photos of what’s inside, and read reviews and tips on the company.

However, everything is better digested with a grain of salt. As with all user-generated content, you’ll need to use your critical thinking skills to circumvent some biases, though the features included in the Yelp Android app make this surprisingly simple. The Android app lacks a quick-access main menu at the bottom, with a crucial home button on the far left. It’s a useful button on the iPhone version that lets you return to the home screen instead of going through the pages one by one.

eternal nourishment

Evernote is the app you need for all your cooking experiences. Discover and save delicious recipes and amazing restaurants. Document all your cooking and cooking experiences with photos and notes. Share your beautiful meals with the world. Evernote Food lets you do it all!

The Evernote Food app has several components, including a recipe book that lets you save recipes, in addition to those you’ve saved in Evernote, making it easy to find them from any device. You can even use tags to organize recipes by diet and ingredients. Even better, you can document every step of recipe preparation with photos and captions, from new creations to family favorites.


It’s certainly not our usual habit of manually logging into our location every time we go somewhere new. That’s why after some initial interest, even Facebook and Google have cooled off on the location-based social network. However, Foursquare does a couple of pretty cool things.

Now, if the app is open, it will detect your current location via GPS. You can login from here. If you happen to be somewhere you want to write about, you can do that too, which is called inside information. Many times you will be in places that are not listed in the Foursquare database.

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