Apple questions developers behind professional photography app Halide Mark II

In its latest Developer Spotlight, Apple shared the work of app developers Halide Mark II Ben Sandofsky, Rebecca Slatkin, and Sebastiaan de With, and how they handled overnight success and the challenge of being famous.

“We didn’t see any apps that did exactly what we wanted, like letting you set the settings like you would with a DSLR or film camera,” says de With. “We wanted something more professional and elegant in design. “

Today, Halide is one of the most popular professional camera apps on the App Store, featuring histograms, waveforms, color zebras, and RAW + JPEG capture to everyone. The app brings a full suite of manual options typically found on traditional cameras on iPhone and iPad.

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Here are some excerpts from Apple’s little Q&A with the team:

de With: Ben sneaked into my Twitter DMs in 2016. We talked about camera gear and tech, and then we decided to make an app like a project of pure passion.

Sandofsky: When Halide started to get popular. People liked him so much more than one might have guessed. It made us realize that it could be a real business and that we needed help. Having Rebecca on our team is a dream scenario.

Slatkin: I didn’t know much about photography, so I had to face a steep learning curve. But my dad was a professional photographer, and we had detailed technical conversations about what he dedicated his life to. It was great to connect on this.

Sandofsky: People who seem to succeed overnight have actually been working on their craft for 10 years. Everyone’s journey is different and setbacks will occur. Just stay focused on what you want to do and why you want to do it.

To download or learn more about the Halide Mark II – Pro Camera app, visit this App Store link.

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