Apple is waiving in-app purchase requirement for group and online event apps through June

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Online group and event apps for iOS won’t have to say goodbye enough yet to Apple’s pandemic-related exemptions to its in-app purchasing policy.

In response to the rise in coronavirus cases, Apple has extended the deadline for these apps to continue using alternative payment methods until June 30, allowing them to bypass the standard 15-30% reduction in purchases. integrated from Apple.

“In 2020, we chose to support apps and developers who needed to adapt in-person services to digital in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Apple said in a statement. a business blog post the Saturday.

“Given the recent resurgence of COVID and its continued impact on in-person services, we have extended the most recent deadline until June 30, 2022,” he continued.

Apple changed its guidelines after face scrutiny federal regulators and developers on the operation of its digital marketplace. The company has also come under fire for charging standard commission fees to event platforms during a pandemic, a move critics have condemned as taking advantage of already struggling businesses’ need to switch from in-person events to deals. virtual amid widespread lockdown measures and a growing number of cases.

When it initially updated its guidelines to September 2020, Apple waived its App Store commission requirement for apps that provide person-to-person services between two people, such as tutoring, medical consultations and fitness training. Apps offering “one-to-many and one-to-many real-time experiences,” like virtual classes or online gatherings, were still required to process in-app purchases through Apple until the company extended the exemption to group event apps. a few months later.

This isn’t the first time Apple has extended the reprieve for its App Store commission requirement. After its first expiration in December 2020, Apple released two six-month extensions, pushing the deadline to the end of 2021, and now, after a further extension, June 2022. And while this is good news for companies whose in-person events have moved online, it is also another reminder depressing how long this pandemic has been.

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