App Battle: Photoshop vs. Illustrator vs. InDesign: What’s the Difference

Adobe offers seamless services through its popular programs. Among them, the most common editing software include InDesign, PhotoShop and Illustrator.

More or less, each of them has a unique feature that might not be present in another app. Although they share some similarities, it is important to know how they differ from each other.

Let’s take a look at these three Adobe programs and their purposes.

Adobe Photoshop

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App Battle: Photoshop vs. Illustrator vs. InDesign: What’s the Difference

Undeniably the most common of the three, PhotoShop is well-known editing software, especially for photographers, artists, designers and illustrators. This top notch tool can transform a bland image into an aesthetic work of art.

Images are rendered on a surface made up of a grid of pixels. The resolution of the photo or artwork will depend on the original file size for reference. If they want to enlarge the size of the image, they risk compromising its quality because the rest of the parts will be pixelated.

It is important to remember that expanding a subject beyond its limit will degrade the quality of the gear, Digital workspace written in his report.

Moreover, users can also explore other elements that will help them improve their works. This would mean tweaking the color balance, light exposure, and other changes.

More so, people can also incorporate a small image into a larger landscape to create a unique result. Usually, Adobe Photoshop is widely used while creating web designs, posters, and other detail-oriented elements that require a vivid presentation.

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Adobe InDesign

For people aligned with digital publishing and printing, InDesign is a trusted software that will do the magic for them. The main purpose of this editing app is to improve typography and text quality.

While Photoshop is more focused on enhancing or editing images, InDesign is appropriately used to create layout templates for a magazine, newspaper, etc.

The InDesign application, in the hands of an expert, will be a powerful tool capable of producing neat layouts. Moreover, it would also help them create a compelling outlet for content, documents, and formats across pages and chapters.

This is also often used when creating resumes, catalogs, stationery, brochures, and other related items.

Adobe Illustrator

Last on the list is Illustrator. According to official site from Adobe, this tool is more sophisticated to use than Photoshop, mainly because it emphasizes vector graphics.

The most common application of this tool is logo creation. It is also suitable if a person wants to create their own icon/brand for commercial purposes. In addition to that, this must-have software allows someone to customize and edit the text in various ways.

To give you a clearer picture of it, just imagine an infographic package complete with a design layout, texts and images.

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