Alippo Learning: This Bengaluru-Based Skills App Produces Women Entrepreneurs

The miseries and untimely lockdowns induced by the Covid-19 pandemic have had devastating effects on the economy around the world, including India.

While some businesses have closed, others have downsized and cut employee wages to weather the storm. Recent economic studies have shown that women have been the hardest hit by the economic downturn.

Whether rural or urban, women, especially in the Indian context, play a very important role in the well-being of a family. In difficult times, women are unfairly burdened with the responsibility of running the whole household. If guided well, they can do wonders not only for the immediate family, but also for society.

Born during the chaotic times of the Covid-19 pandemic, this Bengaluru-based upskilling app company, Alippo Learning, is on a mission to uplift women and make them providers of jobs in India.

DH had the opportunity to interact with Ayushi Sinha, Co-Founder of Bengaluru, Emerging Women’s Upgrading App, Alippo Learning.

Here are edited excerpts:
DH: Share with us the origin story of conceptualizing the idea of ​​Alippo app
Ayushi Sinha: I’ve always had the passion to do something for myself. After graduating from IIITA, I tried several jobs and did freelance and consulting. But my heart was set on building my own business.

It took a lot of perseverance and sweat to finally build a dream business at Alippo. However, it started as an experiment during the pandemic and grew into a full fledged startup within a year.

Being a husband-wife duo (Ayushi Sinha and Nikhil Bansal) spending all our time at home with our mother, we observed her passion for learning new cooking recipes that her loved ones posted on Instagram.

With rapid experiments, we could see a desperate demand from thousands of housewives to learn different skills and forge their own identity. And, with that Alippo was born.

Ayushi Sinha – Co-founder, Alippo Learning. Credit: special arrangement

To put it simply, if you look at the women around you, many women in India have the passion to grow professionally but lack the opportunities and skills. Through Alippo Learning, we provide a live development platform for Indian women to learn, grow and build their business from home. The platform helps women to improve in several categories like baking, cooking, sewing, makeup, etc., and encourages them to become home-based micro-entrepreneurs.

We offer these courses at affordable rates from the comfort of their own home, and then we help them take it further by starting their own business from home. In addition to live hands-on classes with experts, we also offer doubt sessions and a hyperactive community of like-minded women. We have thousands of stories where these women were inspired by their peers during the course and started to pursue their entrepreneurial journey.

The women’s community is largely underserved and fragmented. We need structured platforms to improve the skills of women. Alippo creates a unique community based on interests, like a classroom where women learn together, make friends, ask questions, share their work and feel motivated. We also create other engagement levers by helping our community with #SheBoss sessions (mentoring sessions) and providing value-added services like relevant licensing support.

DH: What is the current user base of the Alippo app?
Ayushi Sinha: Currently, Alippo Learning has reached three lakh women across India covering several categories such as Baking, Cooking, Makeup, Dressmaking, Handicrafts and Sewing. Over 91% of our women use Android.

DH: How has Google’s mentorship program helped the company?
Ayushi Sinha: Google has been very helpful in providing support and guidance on scaling and running Alippo Learning efficiently. As part of the Google Startups Accelerator program this year, we attended several powerful sessions on marketing, scaling, hiring, and management that helped shape the business in the right direction.
Android and Google Play have also played an important role in our growth story and helped us build an engaged online community. We have seen thousands of inspiring stories from all over India of how Alippo changed their lives.

In one year, we have grown from 0 to 60,000 paying customers, a team of 5 to 60 members and 2 to 25 instructors, remaining an EBITDA profitable business. When we launched our Android app, it had a consistent 4.9 rating, with customers sharing powerful impact stories in the form of reviews. This not only brought trust and credibility, but also increased Alippo’s discoverability to new audiences and spurred organic growth. I can’t be more excited about the future. Today, we have built an online community of over three lakh women mastering new skills and aim to empower millions of women across the country through its Android app.

Our vision is to create 10 million micro-entrepreneurs in categories such as baking, sewing, cooking, makeup and interior design.

DH: Some online-only skill-building apps plan to start physical classes. Does Alippo Learning have similar projects?
Ayushi Sinha: Alippo offers its women unique opportunities to improve themselves in the comfort of their own home. It helps them manage their family and their aspirations together. Given the clientele Alippo caters to, it will continue to be online only.

DH: What steps are taken by Alippo Learning experts to teach beauty product formulation courses. This involves chemicals and students should be careful to be meticulous in terms of measuring the correct amount of chemicals in the beauty product formula. If not done properly, it can harm the customer and the landlord will face legal issues.

Ayushi Sinha: Our product formulation courses are taken only by certified experts who successfully sell their own products themselves. All the products that are taught on our platform are with materials approved by the FDA and the French head office Eco-cert (a certification for the sale of organic products in India). We are also in the process of obtaining relevant certifications for women wishing to pursue this business as a business to ensure the products are safe.

The Alippo Learning application offers lessons in baking, sewing, cooking, make-up and interior design. 1 credit

DH: Any new features or new courses we can expect on the Alippo Learning app in the near future
Ayushi Sinha: Exciting times ahead! Alippo Learning recently launched its “Professional Courses” to provide more in-depth support in starting and effectively running home-based businesses. In the near future, Alippo will incubate a few hand-picked learners and manage their entire lifecycle, from legal compliances to brand marketing and execution.

DH: Share with us a notable success of the Alippo Learning application
Ayushi Sinha: Alippo Learning is proud to create hundreds of women entrepreneurs who become an aspiration for the whole community to follow. One such story is that of Rachna, a housewife from Bengaluru, who has completed over 100 courses on Alippo Learning and now earns over Rs. 90,000 per month selling professionally cooked food to apartments near. Rachna always had a knack for cooking but couldn’t turn it into a business. With the support of Alippo, she was able to learn the different nuances of running a sustainable business and combine them with her hard work and passion. Now she wakes up at 4 a.m. every morning to meet local demand.

She takes pride in becoming financially independent without compromising on family commitments.

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