Airbnb app adds new safety features for solo travelers

Airbnb is trying to improve travel safety for solo travelers with new features in its app. The company found that 26% of all Airbnb bookings in 2021 were for people traveling alone. For long-term rentals, the share of solo travelers climbed to more than 50% in the first quarter of 2022. Travelers venture alone single-sided Security concernsand in recent years, discussions about how to mitigate risk have increased.

Airbnb is trying to address some of these challenges in the world of long-term and short-term bookings made for private rooms and shared rooms. On June 13, the company announcement that it would roll out a new Solo Traveler feature in its app. When someone makes a reservation as a solo traveler, the app automatically offers the specialty experience.

The new feature will include tips for traveling alone, an easily shareable itinerary, and suggested questions to ask hosts. It will be available to travelers of all gender identities. The shareable route is the biggest innovation. With just one tap, you can share your Airbnb address, booking code, and check-in and check-out dates.

“We hope this new product better equips solo travelers on Airbnb to be more informed travelers by getting their questions answered before travel, giving them a better understanding of their surroundings, and letting important people know. in their lives of where they will be and for how long,” the release Airbnb said.

Currently, the feature is only available in English, but Airbnb plans to expand the service in the future. The Solo Traveler experience will join the existing functionality of the app. There is a local emergency services feature that can connect travelers around the clock and it is available in 70 countries and regions. You can also add an emergency contact to your profile, whether you’re traveling alone or have made reservations for a group.

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