2 DIY Thanksgiving Ideas for Adults

HOUSTON – Tis the season to get creative!

Alexis Geissler, owner and founder of CraftWorx in Richmond, stopped by Houston Life with 2 easy DIY projects to make at home before Thanksgiving.

These crafts are perfect if you’re having guests over or to give as gifts if you’re at someone else’s house for a dinner party.

Geissler showed the simple steps to create a turkey cover and stovetop simmering tray.

Watch Geissler’s full interview in the video above.

For full instructions, keep reading below.

Turkey cutlery

Cutlery in Turkey (Alexis Geissler, Craftworx)


• Terracotta pot

• Artificial leaf(s)

• Brown felt, foam or paper

• Orange felt, foam or paper

• Red felt, foam or paper

• Decorations such as raffia, buttons, etc.

• Googley eyes

Hot glue gun

• Filling such as candies or succulents


1) Glue the leaf(s) to the bottom of the pot.

2) Cut out turkey shapes – Body, Beak and Waddles.

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3) Glue the body to the pot.

4) Add the beak, waddle and eyes.

5) Add embellishments.

6) Fill with items such as candies or a succulent.

7) Place at each cover and enjoy!

Simmer tray on the stove

Simmer tray on the stove (Alexis Geissler, Craftworx)


• Tray, cup, jar or other container

• Dried fruits like oranges, cranberries, apples

• Spices such as star anise, cinnamon, candied ginger, cloves

• Other scented items such as vanilla beans, rosemary, bay leaves, pine needles

• Items to decorate the container, if desired (paint, stickers, etc.)

• Cellophane to wrap the items if you are not using the jar

• Ribbon to add a decorative touch

• Instructions for simmering


1) Gather the materials to include in the simmer (recipes can be found online.)

2) Decorate the tray or jar, if desired.

3) Wrap the items if they are loose and place them in a container (not necessary in a jar).

4) Place the decorative ribbon and attach the instruction card.

5) Gift to the host or hostess!

If you’re looking to do something special and personalized for your vacation this year but don’t have the time to create it, Geissler and his team can do it for you!

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To get in touch with Geissler or to see all of his custom projects, visit his website here.

Instructions provided by Alexis Geissler.

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